Monday, October 11, 2010

ReStore treasures

 Ughh, I have spent the last 2 hours trying to upload photos to Costco photo for a few mini books I need to make! So frustrating... why can't the shopping cart save my cropped photos? I think I will just print them at home instead!!! Anyhoo,
Above is my ceramic pumpkin I painted at my friend Andrea's Birthday at CreaTiviTea, I am so pleased with how it came out! I had wanted to do lace but the gals there didn't think it would work, so I did yarn instead! Yay!
 The hubby and I made a trip to ReStore yesterday, I am still looking for a big chunky old piece of wood to use for my downstairs fireplace mantel, so I like to stop in every once in a while to check out the options! While there I knew that I wanted to also check for a door to put outside... remember this post and this post? I found one! Yippee!!! $15.00 and that baby was mine!
I can't decide which side I like better the one above? Old wood?
 Or the red? The are both lovely I think ;) What do you think? They had an old set of white french doors I wanted to get for my craft cottage idea too, but the hubby talked my out of it for two reasons.
#1- He isn't a fan of the craft cottage idea.
#2- He didn't think they would be very energy efficient if I wanted to stay warm out there.
So, I had to leave them behind (for now, hehe!)
 While shopping with my sister in a couple consignment boutiques in Utah, we came across quite a few chalkboards that had been created using old cupboard doors, so I picked up 2- $3.00 doors at ReStore to try this out. This one I will make up to give away.
 This one will be for me =D I like the square shape and the "frame". So I am off to Lowes to get spray paint, I already have a can of chalkboard paint. See you tomorrow with my finished chalkboards!
One more thing, as you may remember, September we have spiders everywhere? We still have a few here and there, but in October, we have different mushrooms popping up everywhere, so cute =D

Have a lovely day...

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Anonymous said...

We have mushrooms coming up in our yard too!! I love the door!! I think the craft cottage idea is awesome :) It's like a man garage or a airplane hanger so I don't see what the big deal is. :) Can't wait to see the chalkboards!