Thursday, May 27, 2010

Almost June??? and other fun things

Isn't it almost June? I am in sunny(?) California, it is almost June and it is snowing...
This is the cutest baby pigmy goat I have EVER seen. I want to take him home!
This is Willy and the baby goat. Willy loves to mother him. Soo cute.
I visited about 40? pigmy goats today. They are so fun to watch! They leap and jump and crawl on top of each other.
Then I watched this cute boy at his Kuk Sool testing. He did about 50 pushups! AMAZING!!!

Have a wonderful weekend! I plan to!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Catch up post!

Scott has been in Miami Florida since May 3 except for meeting the kids and I in Billings. He has really enjoyed his time there. He was able to fly into the Burmuda Triangle, something he has ALWAYS wanted to do. I am so glad he was finally able to do it! Above is a photo he shot while flying in Miami.
I have been visiting my Dad... this is Koko making friends with the chickens, she also made friends with the goats! My grandma passed away last Thursday, so I have just been trying to help where ever I can.
We had her service on Tuesday. I had a chance to see my Uncle Richard, Aunt Lynn and cousin Rachel and her hubby Justin. So nice to see them all especially my sweet cousin, she made me the BEST pumpkin pie with a wheat crust and a sugar substitute. I hope to make one myself this Thanksgiving! Hope it turns out as well as hers!
I've also had the chance to spend a couple nights with Genna and Justin and their 2 kitty's!

Tomorrow I will head back to my dad's for another week before coming over to Genna and Justin's, Genna's surgery was cancelled for this afternoon and rescheduled for June 8. So frustrating for her!
Memorial weekend my brother and sister and the kids are all coming to my dad's house! We have not ALL been with my dad for about 17 years!!! We are all looking forward to it! And the weather should be cooperating! WOOHOO! SUNSHINE in California, so nice. The best part? My hubby will be here too! Can't wait!

Have a fabulous weekend! I'll be back with pics next week!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bellingham By The Bay

I LOVE living in Bellingham! Now you can see why! I'll be back with a new post tomorrow!

Be sure to scoll to the bottom of the page a turn off the playlist before viewing the video ;)

Have a wonderful evening!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The beginning of a week of goodbyes

I am back from a long weekend in Billings. It was great to see all the kids and my sweet hubby! Above is Genna, her boyfriend Justin, Scott, Me, Adam and Jestin. We stopped on our way to the memorial service at a park that was named after and dedicated to Scott's grandfather, Barkemeyer Park. I figured it was the perfect place for a few family photos.

I thought it only fitting to snap a picture of Jestin and Scott in front of the sign!
So begins my week of goodbyes... goodbye to my father-in-law Gary, we miss you.

Goodbye to my job of the last 2 years, I will miss the friendships of the people I worked with.

Goodbye to my grandmother. She had a massive heart attack last week, she spent a few days in the hospital, was then moved to a nursing home. She probably will not make it for me to see her when I travel to California again this weekend. I am okay with that, my last visit with her while very stressful was also comforting. She told me she was ready and at the time I thought it would be years before her wish to join her husband and mother would be granted. I thought she would have to leave her home that she loved so much, so that she could be cared for properly. Little did I know that god had a better plan in mind. Since the heart attack my brother and sister have had the opportunity to fly over to spend their last moments with her. She is tired, she is ready to go, but she's waiting... my Uncle has been in Guatemala, he arrives Wednesday, then I think she will join her sweet hubby she hasn't seen in so long.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On a personal note...

The time has come for our family to head to Billings Montana to say goodbye to Scott's dad Gary. Gary passed away last year but it was decided everyone would gather at this time to lay his remains in there final resting place. It will be wonderful to have so many family members in one place, but so sad Gary will not be there in person to enjoy having all his kids and grandkids in one spot. We miss you Gary and think of you often with warmth and love.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Becky!

Happy Birthday today to my beautiful sister Becky! Shown above with her wonderful family last summer at our family reunion! Love you Becky! Hope you enjoy your day! I sent her a gift certificate to my favorite store, Papertrey Ink. I hope you LOVE it as much as I do!

Look what I found growing in my yard yesterday! A forget me not! It is the only one I have... hoping a few more will find there way into my yard. I just love them, and they remind me of my grandma since she has lots of them growing in her yard.

Well off to work I go, only a three day work week since I am headed to Billings!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Warning, crafting post...

I had forgotten to mention last month that I had received a birthday gift from my friend Teal. She created this picture, isn't it neat?! I LOVE it!
It sits in my favorite room of the house of course :)
I added the green, purple and orange pom poms from the Cinco de Mayo party to my craft room too!
I ordered this YUMMY vintage crinkle ribbon off etsy! Oh my gosh I really really LOVE this stuff! (I can't remember the seller name right now, but will edit later)
I created this little love frame for Teal, Saturday was her Birthday.
I had seen this ribbon technique here I had been dying to try it! So pretty and easy peasy. If you scroll through her blog she has a video showing exactly how easy it is.
The card to go with the frame for Teal. We are taking her to dinner at the Co-op. She has quite a few food allergies and is vegan, the Co-op is the easiest place to eat out! Haha! We love you Teal!
The two together...
More of that YUMMY ribbon. I found this pretty paper to match. Love the little tag with the flower tied with twine. *sigh*
One of my favorite cards I've ever made. I will have a hard time sending this one to anyone, it may get added to my shelves never to be sent out! Hehe!
I also ordered this yummy kit from here well not from there but she has a link to her etsy shop on her blog, which is one of my favorites!
Such cute tags!
I had been thinking of combining the ribbon technique with this ruffle technique that I saw here
I am pretty happy with the results. I will be making more.
Another favorite card. I can't believe the weekend is over, boo! So excited for Thursday when I will see my sweet hubby, 3 kids and Justin (Genna's boyfriend) and bunches of Scott's family! Sad reason to see everyone, Scott's dad's memorial service. It will be nice to see everyone in one spot though ;) he has such a great family!

No new news on Grandma... still in the hospital...

That's it for me... have a great night!

Pink, purple, and white...

Pink, purple and white those are the colors I decided on this year. I may throw a few yellows and red in here and there too. When I saw this hanging basket at Fred Meyer I knew this was my starting point! I have already gotten the thumbs up from the hummers! They have been at the flowers and the feeder all day. They are just too fast for my camera though! LOL!
We received this cute bird feeder for Christmas isn't it adorable! I {heart} it! Such a great idea too!
Is it cruel to entice the birds and squirrels into the yard and then have Koko chase them off? Luckily she is not outside that often =)
Loving this little area too! I think I will invite Andrea over for steaks this week as a thank you for watching Koko for me. We can sit here and sip a little wine while our steaks cook!
Look who found a nice spot to sit... she made herself right at home for at least 20 minutes.

I love using mirrors outside to reflect the yard on a bare wall! I am in search of a few other things I can place on the wall here too. Shhh don't tell the hubby he is not a fan of the nail holes in the exterior of the house.

Mmm lunch time! I think it is a good time to stop and read for a bit!
I'll be back later with my craft projects... if I don't just spend the afternoon reading! Haha! (Great book by the way, thanks Jessica for loaning it to me.)

Happy Mother's Day 2010

Good Morning and Happy Mother's Day! I received 2 bouquet's of flowers yesterday! Haha! When the first one arrived it was such a surprise that it was from my sweet hubby! The inscription on the card brought tears to my eyes =) he can be so sweet!
When the second one arrived it was an even bigger surprise! It was from him also! Hmm, I called him to ask if he meant to send 2 bouquets?! He ordered online for the first time (usually he calls the florist himself) so I guess he either hit transmit twice or someone made a mistake? I LOVE them both!!! I don't have any pics of mother's day cards or gifts for my mom or Scott's... I have had so much going on that I ordered flowers this year! I know... but sometimes you gotta just let some things go. Hopefully very soon I will have alot more time to do the things I want! He!
Want to wish my mom a Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for all that you have taught me about being a great mom and person! I think you did a GREAT job leading by example!
And to Scott's mom... Happy Mother's Day! I couldn't ask for a sweeter mother-in-law. Thank you for raising such wonderful sons! I think mine turned out perfect, even if he was a little trying at times ;) We LOVE you both so much!
This is the sunset out the front window last night... Gorgeous!
This morning I am once again on the back patio, on the lounger... just had a hummingbird fly past me on the way to the feeder I put up yesterday. (Couldn't get my camera out fast enough to take a pic!)
My little pal is here too!!!
Waiting for me to toss the ball already this morning! Ugh!
I guess this will be how I spend my day again today... tossing the ball in between planting some flowers in the pots, maybe sanding the little hutch, and possibly painting the kitchen! But, I am definitely getting into the craft room today!!!

Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day!

PS: My grandma is in the hospital... they think she had a heart attack and gave her a blood transfusion last night. I am hoping that I will be able to finish my last 2 weeks at work before heading over to California to help.