Saturday, August 29, 2009

Walk on the beach at Birch Bay

I did not make it to Cosco... the hubby came home and we headed to Birch Bay for a walk on the beach! :)
It was really busy, people everywhere.... except this stretch of beach, which is exactly where the three of us headed.
We took a couple pics of the two of us.... you can never have too many! LOL!!!
The beach always helps put things back in perspective..... We all need that once in a while. We love the smell, the sounds, the sights, and I love the sand in my toes! My hubby, not so much! giggle! It was a wonderful afternoon!

Hope you had a wonderful afternoon too!

Blueberries, bottles, canvas.....

I'm back with a picture of the blueberries..... can't wait to get those bottles! I am hoping they will be here Tuesday.
When Genna was here visiting for the family reunion she asked me to make her a coat rack for the front door. Isn't it cute?
I'm so happy with how my above project turned out! I had seen these a couple places in blogland and wanted to make my own. I thought the picture we took with the kids at the family reunion would be perfect. It was! I will replace it with a picture of all of us (including Jestin) when we get one. In the mean time... the tag says "Home.... Bellingham WA 8/09". I have seen them grouped in 3 or 4 at different trips to different beaches, but what better beach than the one at home? Picked up my jar last weekend at IKEA! wink! I did not use sand from our beach... I had some sand here that I used instead.

Here is a closeup of the inside. Sand, shells, picture, easy peasy!
This project above is coming along nicely too! Can't wait to pick up the picture that will be layered on top of the brown. It will be the whole family together picture that we took on the beach at the reunion. I ordered it with a torn edge from Costco.... should be ready, guess I better go! Back later with more..... :)

Hoping to walk on the beach later today with my honey and Koko, I am working on seashell wreaths and need to get more shells!

Turnner's nursery

This is Turnner.... I went to visit him and his sweet mama Sara last weekend.
This is his nursery. I love it!
Sara is an interior designer, you may remember I told you they just bought a new house. I can't wait to see what they do with the rest of the house!

See you again soon sweet boy!

Goodbye Kelsey, Welcome home Jessica

I made this frame and card for my friend and coworker Kelsey. She is leaving to go to school in Seattle. I will miss her. She is very sweet and smart! Good luck Kelsey! See you at Christmas :)
I made this frame and card for my friend and coworker Jessica. She and her sweet hubby just bought a new house up at Birch Bay!
When I came home from work yesterday at lunch, I found this cutie visiting Koko. Koko was not happy he was in her yard!

I am working on some house painting projects today... and hope to make a trip to the scrapbook store too. I ordered some syrup bottles online last night. My friend and coworker Kathi brought me a HUGE plastic box of blueberries yesterday! So I am going to freeze some, and make syrup for Christmas presents with the rest! I may need to make a few little pies too, she brought me alot, I will take a picture and post it later!

Looking forward to another beautiful sunny day in the Pacific Northwest! Hubby is flying all day but will take a walk on the beach later this afternoon!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Turnner, and Ikea in one day= a great day!

This is my sweet friend Sara and her new cutie patootie Turnner! They just moved to a new house south of here, outside of Seattle. I posted her baby shower pictures in May. It was a great day for a drive! She has a great house on 2 acres. Lots of fruit trees, and blackberries. Very park like setting, with birds chirping and very quiet neighborhood. After the tour of her new house and yard, she fixed a fabulous lunch on her patio. We had chicken pitas, and grapes. I am going to try making the pitas again, I think Scott would love them.
I took her the projects I had been working on for her and Turnner. Above is a cute frame idea from the LSS. I picked up quite a few of these, I posted one I did for Genna in July.
I also made this name frame for him and blanket. I will post pictures of his nursery in a separate post. After picking some apples from the apple trees at Sara's house, I made my way to my next destination. :)
Yep, IKEA! I {heart} IKEA! I had checked out the catalog I had and the web site, so I did have a list I knew I wanted to get and a few things I wanted to check out quality on before deciding.
I managed to get everything on my list.... and a few extras! wink! Okay, there are a few more things in the trunk too! But not much more.... just some curtains.... oh, maybe a few candles.... and some jars, but that's it! I'll be back IKEA! I have ideas for more of your wonderful products!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Tomorrow Scott and I celebrate our anniversary! I think Starbucks is in order don't you? haha... I {heart} Starbucks too!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to work I go! And some peeks!

This is how Koko spent most of last week. She loved having me at home all week, not going anywhere or doing anything but snuggling her. I think she may think she is human. LOL !

This week it is back to work for me, thank goodness, I am ready! Koko, not so much! I did get a few projects done, but found I had to stay off my feet and in a laying position more than I had thought I would have to. Here are a few sneek peeks of some of the projects I worked on, hope you enjoy! Some of you may be receiving one for Christmas! wink!

The pic above, is a peek for this little guy that I am going to go see this weekend! Turnner Bruce. Isn't he adorable! I am driving down to Puyallup WA, to meet him for the first time and see his mama and their new house! His mama is my friend Sara that I posted pictures about his shower in May.
Can't wait! Then I plan on hitting Ikea before I head home! Scott and I celebrate our anniversary this Sunday. This year I am going to make sure he remembers, last year he completely forgot that we were going to take the boat tour at deception pass for our anniversary and flew all day and into the evening. He did feel bad after I reminded him! More on that later in the week, lets just say.... we already have some of our dinner in the freezer! Yum! Hint we went here......


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday gift envelopes

When my nieces and nephews were here last week for the family reunion I took the opportunity to catch up on their birthdays for the year. I wanted them to have some spending money while they were here so I made these mini manila envelopes into a cute holder for some cash! Again, I wanted to keep it simple, I had 6 to make and I knew they would just get thrown away so I didn't want to spend tons of money to make them cute. I was very pleased with how they turned out.:)

Still having some pulling and pain in the leg, so keeping pretty close to home, but I did work on some projects yesterday. I will photograph them later and post tomorrow.

Off to make more zucchini bread and banana bread.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Reunion Family Photos

Pics the photographer took for us at the reunion! Yay! Above, me, hubby Scott, son Adam, daughter Genna, and Genna's boyfriend Justin.
My sis Becky, Copper, BIL Matt, Noah, Sydney and Ellie.
SIL Kimberly, brother Randy, Kourtney, and Brayden.
Stepdad Don and Mom.
Dannielle, stepbrother Chris, Brooke, Jaden, Nickolas, and Alex.

The WHOLE gang! I have some projects planned with all the pictures taken, so guess I better get started.

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Alaska Ferry boarding

Last night mom and I decided to go down to the ferry terminal in Fairhaven to watch the Alaska Ferry board.
It is amazing how many semi trucks, u haul trucks, cars, motorcycles and walk on passengers fit on that boat! It departs every Friday night at 6:00 pm  and returns Friday mornings at 8:00 am. It would take us to Skagway and back.
We decided we would like to do this someday. Maybe next summer? See the tents on the top, we want to stay in a tent, sleeping bag, bring an ice chest, and just go for a week. Doesn't that sound fun? We think so!
The funny thing is.... it would cost more to do this, than it would to be on a cruise, with a stateroom, and all the food and beverages included! Which would you choose?
We still think we choose this.... crazy I know. Wanna go? We'll share our tent!

Trying to decide how to spend the rest of my day!

Bruised, but doing well...

Just one quick pic of my leg, without dressings. The little circle holes are where they removed the vein. Looks worse than it feels, thank goodness.
Had to say goodbye to mom this morning, everyone has now gone home. It looks like maybe my friend Kari will be coming to visit in a few weeks, excited to show her around, maybe a few spa treatments? Girl stuff, I've missed her!

Have a great day!