Sunday, June 28, 2009

Garden Update June 2009

I can't believe how well the garden is growing! Above is the zucchini, corn, cantaloupe, pumpkin, cucumbers and artichokes.
In this box, above, we have tomatoes, jalapenos, eggplant, kohlrabi, carrots, spinach, lettuce, herbs, beans, beats and peas.
This is a close up of the spinach, we will be picking some this week for a salad and starting more.
Look at all those tomato blooms! Can't wait to make salsa. Yumm...
The corn we weren't sure would grow, but it seems to be doing really well! I'm off to do some painting!

Have a great afternoon!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The last of Sara's scrapbook

This is the last of the pages in Sara's scrapbook.
She sent me a couple pictures of Turnner.
He is a pretty baby.
I am working on a name frame for his room.
And a baby blanket.
I offered to make the birth announcements also, but I haven't heard back on if that is something she is interested in.
Hubby had students most of the day, Koko and I rearranged furniture and cleaned today. Tomorrow will be a play day! I am putting some finishing touches on a couple gifts that needed to go out in MAY! I know, I am extremely late! I mean well. After these gifts go out though I will be caught up and hopefully will stay that way, guess I better start Christmas now! LOL! :D
Mmmm, might not be a bad idea! ;0

Squires Lake

I was reading one of the local blogs here in Bellingham the other day and she was talking about hiking at Squires Lake, so I brought the info home to Scott and we took off after dinner to Squires Lake 2.2 mile hike.
These wild flowers greeted us at the parking lot.
The trail was gorgeous, once again as ALL the trails in the area are. This picture makes it look like it was an easy hike, I should have taken a picture of the uphill part, we had to hike uphill to get to where the lake was, then you can hike all the way around the lake.

This was my first time seeing a snail, isn't it cool! 
We found this on the trail too! Such a pretty color, Scott wouldn't let me bring it home to match a paint to. There were lots of different birds there, our next trip I am bringing my binoculars and bird book. We were the only ones on the trail, which doesn't happen very often! No fish in the lake that we could see, lots of frogs croaking. We can't wait to take a picnic dinner and go again next week!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Welcome Turnner Bruce!

Turnner Bruce was born June 20! (My friend Sara and her hubby David). These are a few more pages of her album I did for her.
I took a picture of Sara with each of the gals that came to the shower, and had each of them guess the date, weight and length of the baby. I also left space for them to give some advice for the new parents.

Congratulations Sara and David! Enjoy every moment!

Father's Day 2009!

Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers in our lives! You are each very special to us and we are glad you are in our lives.
As you can see, our Father's Day breakfast was healthier than our Mother's Day breakfast was! I found these great tortillas that are corn and wheat, YUM! We had breakfast burritos with them. I've lost 9 pounds, but have not done so well on the walking lately. I did have 2 s'mores though :) while camping, somethings their is no substitute for and we did do some walking... so I am okay with that.

Have a fabulous evening!

Finally! :) First Camping trip in the Pacific Northwest

We finally took our first camping trip since moving to Bellingham. I know, pretty unbelieveable it took so long! There is just so much to see here, that it wasn't a priority. The fact that we haven't camped in a tent for about 7 years added to it too! LOL! But, we pulled out the tent and sleeping bags, and all the other gear this weekend and it was all just as we had left it.

We drove south to SedroWooley and headed to Baker Lake, about an hour from our house. 

We are planning on going back again soon, the view of Mt. Baker will be gorgeous when it is clear.

Scott did some fishing. 
The wildflowers were fantastic, they were everywhere, yellows, pinks, whites, purples.
And please notice.... no blue tarp camping for us! :D Although I must confess, we did have ours with us, just in case. LOL!!!

Hope you had a fun weekend!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Garden update and Koko finds a friend!

The lettuce is up!
The carrots and spinach are up! The peas are really trying to poke their heads through the soil.
Koko found a little friend this morning, she was outside wandering, she likes to do this when we are home on Saturday mornings together, she started barking, so I took a peek outside the door to see if she was playing with a rock like usual. Nope, she found a little caterpillar she wanted to play with her. The caterpillar was not in a playing mood however.
I just love this little area of my back yard. Koko and I were sitting here last night waiting for hubby to come home from work, listening to music, Koko sound asleep on my lap, and my laptop juggling vicariously in my arms while I watched the birds and the squirrels. 

Going to try to get some chores done today, then finish some projects.
Have a fun day!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Recycled recyclables

This is the little cabinet I found yard saling over the weekend (2.00), I think it was once a clothes hamper. I needed a place to put recyclables, under the sink did not have enough space.
I used a can of spray paint (3.98) to help it blend in the kitchen a little better.

I think this will work out perfectly!

Have a great evening!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More yard sale updates

This is one of the pots I bought ($1.50 at the yard sale) I spray painted it white and glued marbles from Dollar Tree onto it. The spray paint was $3.98 and the marbles $ 1.oo for each package. I used one package of the clear stars for all my products and one package of the blue. The extras went into the little candle holder.
Here is the other one ($1.00). I am very happy with how they turned out! I plan to look for more next weekend.

And this is where I placed them, the perfect place to read a book and watch the birds! Ahhh, relaxing :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A graduation and a thinking of you.

I played with a few new goodies I received recently. The above is a close up of a gift card holder for my friend Kari who recently moved to Salt Lake City. When I lived in Elko we used to have coffee on a regular basis, I miss those mornings of meeting for coffee and chatting about anything.
This is a close up of the gift card holder I did for my niece Kourtney who recently graduated.
This is the card and holder together of each set.
I am loving my new little crocheted flowers, I may try to see if I can make my own, unless my mom is willing to make me some? Mom, what do you think?

Have a FUN day!