Monday, October 18, 2010

Stoney Ridge Farm Oct. 2010

 Our next stop on Saturday was Stoney Ridge Farm! The day was absolutely gorgeous so clear and crisp. Mt. Baker off in the distance, barns everywhere, fall color and my bestest friend ever, the hubs =)
 The line was long to get into the farm this year.
 It is such a cute place to go, this is the gift shop. I was on a mission to make our first stop the donut shop, we had to wait in line for about 15 minutes to get a bag of hot little bites of apple cider donuts! I love them, I ate almost the whole bag myself! By the time we came back to the gift shop it had a line too,  
I am still trying to purge all the stuff I have, so we didn't go in this year.
 Every little nook and cranny of this place is decorated. People were everywhere, so I snapped pictures as fast as I could! 
 Cute farm art all over too!
Old farm truck, this is where we usually take our picture, but everyone else had the same idea so I just snapped a fast one of just the truck this year. 
 Fun scarecrows for photo ops!
We finally went back to the wall with all the enamel pans on it for our picture, then left as fast as we could! There were lines for the pumpkin patch about 30 minutes. Next year we will go on a Thursday or Friday, Saturdays are just too busy!
 YUM! The reason I braved the crowds to begin with, Apple Cider Donuts. The bag was full, I had 2 left and realized I hadn't take a picture Oopsies!
Our last stop was the Lynden Craft and Antique Fair. Again I am still purging my home of "stuff" so I didn't buy much. I couldn't resist a jar of mica, a jar of German glass glitter, and a bag of shredded sheet music.
I made a little photo collage of our day! (click on the picture to make it bigger, please!) Back in a bit with my maiden voyage in the new airplane!

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What a FUN day! :) :)