Friday, October 1, 2010

Home again, home again jiggity jig!

I am home! Sorry, I meant to blog, but it was kinda nice to take an unplugged break! Had a GREAT trip! Warning LOTS of pictures... every good trip has to start with SB!

After a brief stop at my brothers house for a night (thanks Randy and Kim for the wonderful dinner at Ruth's and comfy bed), my BFF Kari and I headed to San Antonio Texas! We arrived about 2:00 p.m. and checked into our hotel. Our room was fabulous! I love a big comfy bed, white bed linens, clean carpet, and huge plush towels! hehe!
 After getting settled we went out to find some food and beverage and explore. We spent most of our trip here... the pool!
 A peek at the Tower of the Americas.
A peek at the river boats from the pool on the fourth floor.
The bar and restaurant at our hotel. We asked to sit outside =)
 The temperature was about 85 which was perfect. We had a lovely lunch, watched the riverboats go by and people walking the Riverwalk.
This salad doesn't look like much, but it was nummy, and the beer? Shiner Bock! This is a new favorite! Andrea I think you would like it!
 After a leisurely lunch catching up we decided to get the lay of the land haha!
 Isn't it beautiful...
 Cafe Ole' we had dinner here much later in the evening! This is the oldest restaurant on the Riverwalk.
The flowers were beautiful! (I always have to stop to take pics of the flowers, I did the same thing when we went to Hawaii a few years ago) sorry Kari, you always have to wait for me to catch up with you!
Lots of little waterfalls, they use the waterfalls to filter the water so it doesn't stink.
 Ooh, pretty =)
 So much to look at!
 We discovered pretty quickly that jewelry is huge on the Riverwalk.
 Lots of little jewelry shops.
Hey I think I took a picture just like this in Hawaii!
 Lots of little places to stop and sit and relax...
We made reservations for dinner the next night at sunset here. (Again reminding us of Hawaii, we had dinner at the tower there at sunset).
 The ducks and pigeons were everywhere, at lunch one day Kari was hassled by a duck, so beware!
Luckily there were a lot of bridges to duck under because we got stuck in a rain storm. We waited for about 20 minutes under this bridge then finally decided to make a run for a restaurant to wait it out!
 Joe's Crab Shack came to our rescue! Ha!
 Just a little wet! We only had to walk in the rain maybe 300 feet, but it was really coming down!
When the rain finally stopped we headed out to explore more, we came across Coyote Ugly, (love the movie) had to go in!
Yes, I forgot to take my glasses off so I look like a dork! Hehe! Oh well...
We ended the evening with dinner a Cafe Ole' then headed back to our room for some reading before turning in for the night.
Well, I think that is enough for this post! Hee! 

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