Thursday, January 27, 2011

New carpet...

 We had new carpet installed last week in the living room...
 and the "Beach" guest room. It is soo soft! I am thinking of having it installed in the master bedroom too!
 The color is perfect! Not too light to show stains, and not to dark to make the room dark.
 I am painting the bedroom a pale blue called New Day. It is just a great soft blue. My bestie Kari is coming for a visit on Saturday, so I am moving all the furniture from the "Garden"guest room to this one for now.
This is the light fixture I picked up for the room. I found a great one at Restore for $5.00 that was similar and was going to spray paint it Oil Rubbed Bronze, but the hubby wasn't in favor of that idea and wanted a new one instead. We agreed on this one at Home Depot for $50.00.
I am hoping to have the crown molding installed by my handyman tomorrow since he gets off work early.
Thanks for stopping in today!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Garden guest bedroom part two.

 I'm back with a preview of the progress so far on the garden room. Still need to pick up a dust ruffle (why did I take ALL the full size bed stuff to Genna? ha!) I decided to use the rug the previous owners left for us it is perfect and free! The quilt will go at the bottom of the bed when I switch the white comforter from my bed.
 Still need to hang stuff on the walls, and the curtains.
 Need a stool, a throw and a small pillow for this reading area.
 I stole the lamps from my bedroom, I've had my eye on a pair at T J Maxx but knew they wouldn't work in here! Perfect solution, buy them for my bedroom!
 The view from the bed of the courtyard, makes me happy.
Spring is coming! That makes me happy too!

The rundown on the room?
White dresser- antique store $59.00
Mirror on dresser -antique store $15.00
Chair- antique store $50.00
Small table next to chair- antique store $25.00
Small night stand next to bed- antique store $35.00
Quilt- antique store $25.00
Pillow cases- antique store $14.00
Lamps-already had FREE
Bed- antique store $159.00
Mattress set -new and most expensive thing for the room $500.00 but worth every penny ;)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Garden guest bedroom.

 I am working on decorating one of the guest rooms at the new house, the garden guest bedroom. I have been shopping at a few of the local antique shops and T J Maxx!
I love being able to decorate as cheaply as possible! Such a challenge! I think I have gotten some great buys. May not be everyones style, but it is mine! At least for this room.
I'll be back soon with the room put together!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

 We woke up to snow Sunday morning, I really don't like snow.
 Luckily, I stayed inside where it was warm and cleaned and straightened from the party Saturday night.
 While the hubby shoveled the drive way.

Thanks for sticking around to read this blog, I should have some home decorating and crafty posts coming in the next few weeks!

Send off party

 We had a great party at the house Saturday night for our friend Andrea.
 We were expecting about 30 but only about 20 showed up.
 It seemed like everyone had a great time! I know I did!
 It was so great to have plenty of parking and room for 20 people!
 I made my first tiramisu, I think it was pretty good, I only had a couple bites though.
 I also made a meat lasagna, I LOVED the vegie one that Jessica brought.
 Andrea looked amazing=)
 It was fun to meet some of her friends from school.
I am so glad Jessica and Lisa let me help them host this wonderful event. Can't wait to do it again!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

 Well, Christmas decorations are down and put away... the house always looks so empty without them!
 The hubby has been a busy guy! LOTS and lots of honey dos OFF the list! Woohoo!
What a year 2010 was! WOW! Will be fun to see what happens in 2011! Besides becoming grandparents of course! 
We are planning a few trips and planning on friends and family visiting us, which we are SO looking forward too!
We are in the middle of planning our first dinner party at the house! About 30 people! The first of MANY I hope! 
All this brings me to my "One little word for 2011". I know I mentioned GIFT a few times, but I read a post on a blog I read, a couple days before January 1 that really spoke to me. She talked about everyone always wanting to lose weight and change this and that, she challenged her readers to be CONTENT with who they were, and what they had. It really made me stop and take a look at myself... I am happy, I am healthy, and I have EVERYTHING in my life that I need and want, why do I need anything else??? I don't! ha! So my word for 2011 is CONTENT. 
Content/contentment= a state of being... 

Did you pick a word to inspire YOU this year? I'd LOVE to hear!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Last flight with hubby for 2010

 We had a beautiful flight!

 We headed to Mt. Baker and went all the way around the mountain, which I had never done before!

 Mt. Rainier in the distance from my window. (I zoomed in to get this shot)

 Flying at about 12,000 feet!

 Can you see the steam holes in the lava dome?
 Headed back to the bay!

Happy New Year! Did you have big plans?