Sunday, July 26, 2009

Koko gets in trouble and a haircut.

Sorry this picture did not turn out very clear... glass is hard to photograph! I love how it turned out IRL... I hope Genna and Justin like it too.
Koko received her first grooming from the professionals. 
This is what she looked like before. Big improvement! She has been so hot, with our hot temperatures this week, she should be more comfortable now.
Look what is in season! Yummy, we bought them from the stand down the street for $3.50. The Rainer's are so good!
This is what I came home to yesterday after going to Fairhaven to buy cookie cutters. There is a childproof lock on that cupboard. The garbage was in that cupboard when I left. She was in very BIG trouble and she knew it. Luckily, I hadn't mopped the floor or vacuumed yet. Usually on the weekend I take her with me, but it has just been too hot for that this year. 

Family Reunion sneak peeks.....

My family, (on my mom's side) is coming to the Pacific Northwest for a family reunion next weekend! My brother and his family, my sister and her family, my step brother and his family, my mom and step dad, and 2 of the 3 kids (plus Genna is bringing her boyfriend Justin) will all be arriving by Friday. We have quite the plans for the weekend. Above is the tag for the beach towels that grandma and grandpa bought for each of the grand kids 14 total!  I love how they turned out :) I didn't want to spend a lot of money, kids being kids they will just throw them away. But me being me couldn't just hand them a towel.... and say here ya go. I had to make them special.
Here is all 14, the girls all got the same color, and the boys all got the same color, no arguing here noway... pretty smart huh?
I couldn't leave out the adults. Each "couple" will be receiving a little "Welcome" basket. I rounded up a few things....
And created a few of these to put in with lots of other goodies. I will post pics of the actual baskets later... don't want to spoil all the fun ;)

Off to bake Zucchini Bread, and cookies.... oh and put a couple blackberry pies together too!

Come back soon!

Gift set...

I haven't made a gift set for a while, these actually were a gift for Mother's day that I completed earlier this month. I know, I really mean well, just too much going on. I did 3 of each, yes they are the pictures I took while visiting the tulips this year. I figured, if other people can sell theirs why couldn't I use mine as card covers? I really like how they turned out.
I boxed them all up in a clear box I bought at Papertrey Ink, one of my favorite sites. (I would add a link, but still don't know how)

I am really loving those little crochet flowers I bought off etsy.... I am hoping to learn to make my own while recuperating from my surgery on August 5. I have quite the little basket of goodies so far, crochet needle, yarn, 2 books to read, and a few christmas projects to work on. That should keep me busy the first couple days! Guess I better add to it...mmmh?

Have a great day!

Garden Update July 24, 2009

Update on the progress of the garden, I am soo happy we decided to do raised beds this year. The garden is doing so well compared to last year. I am glad that my co workers at MBI shared their tips on gardening in this area too. It is definitely different than Nevada! Anywoo, above are the tomato's. I will be making salsa as soon as those baby's are ripe!
The corn has tassels! WOOHOO!!!
The beginnings of a pumpkin :).....
Jalapenos.... for the salsa.

And the zucchini, these are just the ones I picked today. I picked 2 earlier in the week. They are going to become Zucchini Bread this weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dinner at Squalicum Beach.

Last night the hubby didn't have to teach so we stopped at Haggens deli for chicken and a few other goodies and headed to Squalicum Beach. We had a yummy dinner on a blanket overlooking the water. The tide was way up, so we sat on the grass overlooking the view above.
After dinner we decided to drive to Zuanich Park and walk through the sail boats :) this always makes me happy.
We have had fabulous weather this year! Last year was such a cold summer, it is nice to see the warm sun.

Hope you enjoyed your evening too!

Raspberry Jam time!

Scott brought home a flat of raspberries and a half flat of blackberries yesterday. 
This picture didn't turn out very well, but you can kind of get the jist of the size of these berries, they are bigger than my thumb!
The raspberries too! 
The raspberry jam is done, tomorrow I will be making a pie with the blackberries, and probably freezing the rest of the raspberries and what's left of the blackberries to use for later. Next will be blueberries! Yum! I still need to decorate the raspberry jam, then I will take some pics and post them with the strawberry jam. 

Have a sweet evening!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

House 6 on the tour, sigh......

Warning, picture overload ! LOL! 
This house is obviously owned by an artist! Oh my gosh, it is fabulous! This is only one of the outdoor rooms. Come on take a peek inside....
Wouldn't you love to sit here and read in the evening or late afternoon, or morning! Notice the mirror, hmm mmm going to use that idea. I think the only thing missing is a chandelier. Oh ya, and as my friend Tandy pointed out, a bathtub!
One of many places to sit for a meal or snack.

Love the pots of the fence.
Whimsy is ALL over the place in this house! See the cement leaves.... I want to try to make one or two....
Basket of plants, with a little blue bunny peeking out. The was a very shaded garden, but lots of color was used, interesting to see if I can incorporate that in my yard too!
Love the little copper kettle filled with plants too, sitting on a child's chair.
Love the bits of china in the stepping stones.
I {heart} Hydrangea's! :)
Oh. My. Gosh. Don't you just LOVE it! Another outdoor room. Notice the doors?
Have you ever seen a cuter umbrella?How fun are those beads!
Fun gecko pavers.
This is a mural on the wall in the outdoor room with the white chaise lounge, more bits of china, pottery and gold paint, and a mirror. This artist paints and does a lot with glass.
Another picture of the umbrella and the chair underneath it.
This is the kitchen, how fun to have a kitchen that opens into such a great yard!
The mural on the bottom cabinets in the kitchen. Beautiful!
This path and bridge led us to the studio, bunny yard and dove houses. Notice the painting on the side of the house? And the mermaid hanging from the vine?
Closer view of the studio, too many people to take a picture, again!
Another place to eat, drink, visit, relax..... interesting choice in fabric, don't know that I would use something that flashy?
And lastly, the water feature. Oh wait.... I need to show you the arbor for this house....

Isn't it interesting.... 
Hope you enjoyed my tour of gardens!