Friday, October 1, 2010

Lots more pictures Utah and Nevada this time!

 After my trip to San Antonio with Kari I planned to stay a few extra days in Utah with my sister Becky and her family! I am so glad I did! The picture above I snapped out the window of the bedroom I stayed in. GORGEOUS!
 We spent the first morning at soccer games. This is Sydney's game.
 Then Ellie's game, which my brother in law Matt coaches.
 After soccer the girls headed out for lunch and pedicures. Sydney and Ellie waiting for their turn to begin.
 Becky, Kim and I (picture taken by Sydney)
 Sydney, the little girls got to have their toes and fingers done =)
All five pedicures! haha! we had a great time, I think next time we will try to head up to Snowbird where my brother works and get massages and use the spa ;)
 On Sunday I made a quick trip to Nevada to see Adam, Lacey
And my gorgeous nieces, great nephews and the girls mom and dad. (stole the picture from FB)

One more post to come, the rest of my trip in Utah! Thanks for sticking with me...

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Anonymous said...

Your family is soooo cute! :) I love the toe shot! :)