Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shelves in the studio

The hubby finally helped me put the shelves up in the studio. I love the look of them, I still have some "fluffing" to do to them, but am loving the extra room to display some of my favorite things.
Originally I had planned on buying another of the cube shelves, but when I moved the guest room around I ended up with an extra little cupboard. I think I like it! I just need to paint it white to match the others. Plus it will hide some of my "stuff".
As you can see, the top shelf still needs to be "fluffed"! LOL!
I made the canvas over the weekend! The hubby leaves tomorrow morning, I will take him to the airport at 3:30 am. Not sure at this time when he will be back... hopefully soon :( I will miss him!
I love you babe... be safe, and hurry home! Oh and don't forget to bring me something back! :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine wrap up...

My friend Jessica and I made a total of 141 of the M&M Valentines to sell at work for Relay for Life... they ALL sold! Yay! We are going to make some to sell for St. Patricks Day next.
I made 20 of these decorated suckers to take to my work, along with 3 Dozen Chocolate Covered Cherries, and Lettuce Wraps. Above is a closeup of the stickles I used to bling them up a bit.

I had forgotten to post the completed Valentine project I made using a kit from Treasury ($10) I LOVE it!
Spring is popping up ALL over Bellingham! The back yard...
Under the trees...
The side yard...
We hadn't been down Chuckanut since last fall, so we headed to Larabee State park for our walk today! The sun was out, the temp was 52, people were EVERYWHERE!!!
I LOVED this shot! How fun would that be??? I am not sure Koko would hold that still! I would be willing to try though! Hehe!

We even found spring popping up by the beach... so pretty! Is spring popping up where you are?
We came home and had a yummy dinner of crab legs, baked potatoes, salad, and I bought 2 pieces of New York Cheesecake at the store just for a simple little after dinner treat, without the leftovers of a whole one. Hope you got to enjoy a LOVE-ly day too!

Valentine mini book 2010

We don't really do a whole lot for Valentines Day, we just like to keep it simple.

I started out my gift for Scott with the left over pictures from our mini photo shoot, some black and cream paper, and some doodads of hearts, ribbons and embellishments. I knew I wanted something he would be able to take with him on his travels. (He recently started a new job that will require him to travel quite a bit)
I decided to make a mini book, that would fit in a small tin. I started by decorating the tin first.
I created an accordion book with black card stock, then used the black and cream DP to decorate each of the "pages".
I used the computer to create some lined tags to write my thoughts on, and printed it out on cream cardstock.
I used the embellishments, hearts, and ribbon to decorate the pages.
The accordion book fits nicely in the tin, and won't get damaged while traveling. He can then take it out when he gets to his hotel room and keep it on his night stand as a reminder of home. =) I then made a card using a picture that was taken of the two of us at my company holiday party a couple weeks ago. I used a clear sticker, and an adorable crochet heart my friend Jessica made for me! I LOVE them! (Thanks Jessica!)
Above is a closeup of the sticker and heart on the card. Love the closeups my new camera is able to take! =)
Above is a closeup of the little heart lovelies that Jessica crocheted for me! =D
Scott brought me flowers, aren't they pretty? I think the roses are called Fire and Ice?! So pretty!

Happy Valentines Day 2010!

Happy Valentines day! We started the day off with Blueberry Waffles and sausage! Yummy! :)
Scott cooked the sausage while I cooked the waffles, I LOVE when he is in the kitchen cooking with me. It makes things way more fun!
The chocolate covered cherries are the last of 4 dozen I made last week, most of them went to my work Valentine party. Thanks Kari for teaching me how to make them when you were here! Can't wait to see you in a week and a half!!! My friend Jessica gave me the heart glass for Valentines Day filled with trail mix! It's gone, so I repurposed it into our candleholder! Thanks Jessica, I LOVE it!
It's off to walk on the beach now!!! I'll be back with my Valentine gift for Scott later this afternoon!

Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Canvas project, what do you think?

Sorry I've been MIA the last couple weeks! Lots going on! We did take some time to walk on the pier the other night at sunset... isn't it gorgeous?!? =)
I can't decide which I like best and thought I would get YOUR opinion... pink and brown???
Black and off white???
Or blue and brown??? I am definitely loving the layout and will use it again! The canvas size is huge 24x24 so the squares are each 8x8, I think I will add little doodads too like buttons, flowers or shells once I have decided on the color.

We have no plans for the weekend, yay! Just get to do what we feel like doing, when we feel like doing it... oh, except for Valentines Day. We did go to Outback last weekend to celebrate Valentines Day. We don't have an Outback in Bellingham, but there is one 15 minutes down the road in Burlington. I am cooking crab, baked potatoes and salad for Sunday... haven't decided on dessert yet. And a walk on the beach is a must, even if it rains! =D

Don't forget to leave a comment letting me know the color scheme you like! Have a great weekend!