Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pedestal fun!

 I have been having so much fun creating the pedestals from glass candleholders from the Dollar store that have been all over blogland!
 This one I used a dollar store candle holder and a dessert plate from Walmart for $3.00.
 This one I used a candlestick from Walmart for $5.00 and a Dollar store plate.
 This one I used a candle holder I already had and a dessert plate from TJ Maxx for $4.00. I am going to give them as gifts to neighbors and the hubbys co-workers filled with homemade Christmas candy and cookies.
 I am also contemplating painting the craft cottage in January, a very light blue and a medium blue. With a checkerboard floor of grey and white. What do you think?
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November cottage crafts

 I rearranged the cottage last week in preparation for another class.
 I added some Christmas lights that had been left by the previous owners hanging on the deck of the house.
 They added just the right amount of extra light!

 We had some new faces at this class which was so fun!
 I tried smaller tables this time too. Instead of the one large table we used the other times.
 The beverage area.
 One of the food areas! Too much food!
 The ornament making area! Jessica created kits for making an adorable reindeer out of corks.
 So cute!

 Our other project was this tin with gift tags to keep or give as a gift.

We had a great time! Next class December 3! Stamp-a-stack in the morning and Christmas gifts in the afternoon!
Have you been creating anything fun for Christmas? 

 A few weeks ago a blog "friend" passed away. We had emailed back and forth a couple times when I first moved here. I read her blog faithfully, was in such awe that she was a designer for a stamp company and I really enjoyed her style.
Last year she announced on her blog that she was fighting a cancer that was not treatable. Although we hadn't ever "officially" met, I did see her a few times at my work and had made a few reminder calls to her regarding appointments. Even has early as last month.
She had 3 young children at home and blogged about her illness, her feelings and everything she was going through. I really hoped she was going to beat it! Unfortunately, she didn't. Her service was last week, I really struggled with whether I wanted to go or not. It is such a strange thing to feel like you were friends with someone, you know so much about them, but haven't ever met. In the end, I decided the best way to honor her was to spend the day crafting in my craft cottage. The day was a gorgeous clear autumn day. I reminded myself to be Thankful everyday for the things I have in my life and crafted. ALL. Day. Long. I will miss reading your posts, hearing about your family and seeing your amazing work Katie.

 My creations for the day, some samples for an upcoming Stamp-a-stack.

And a newly decorated mantel.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cottage craft class- Fall

Last month we had a craft class in the cottage. We made fall wreaths from fabric and felt then added silk sunflowers and ribbon. Each wreath turned out so different!
We also made bottles of homemade vanilla and a mini tissue paper pom pom. It was a fun class with great friends! We each brought a brunch item and I supplied coffee, tea, cocoa, and hot spiced cider. 
Our next class is in a couple weeks and is already a full class! We are making Christmas Tags and a pretty glittered tin to keep them in or give it all as a gift. We are each bringing an appetizer to share. 
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christmas tags 2011 and a SCORE! at the goodwill!

 Above are the Christmas Tags I created this year for our family gift exchange. They were super simple to create =)
 I used a stamp set from Stampin Up! Colored the scarf, hat and nose with marker then used Stickles to bling it up a bit!
 Look what I SCORED at the Goodwill this morning! Ack! I cannot believe I found these! I bought my first one off Ebay about 6 years ago after searching for a year, I paid $25.00 for it and about $15.00 to have it shipped. I store my ink pads in the slots, it is perfect. My other one is completely full...
Yes, I paid only $3.99 each for these three!!! Except when I was there they also had some that looked like they held 8 track so the slots were  much bigger, now that I think about it, I think they would be the perfect size to store my Stampin Up! punches in, so I think I am headed back to see if they are still there =) keep your fingers crossed!

Bundle up! It's cold out there today!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

More shoebox swap...

 More shoebox swap projects and a few closeups =)

Gotta drop the hubby at the airport! Have a lovely Sunday!