Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wedding favors

One of the xray techs at my work approached me last week about making 75 small m&m favors for a wedding in a couple weeks. I made 2 samples for her to choose from.
She chose the one with the bride and grooms names on them, I also added the date. I have finished 50 and just need to get more ribbon to finish the last 25. I should be done with them tomorrow night, so I will post a picture then. So much fun working on projects for other people to celebrate a special day or occasion!

Let the work week begin! :( Weekends are too short! Have a fabulous week!

Spring, Heart Stones, and Easter

Scott and I spent a couple hours doing yard work, such a nice feeling (I think anyway, Scott not so much! Hehe!)
I was able to plant some flowers near the front door.
Makes me so ready for warm weather and gardening!

Scott's sister Jodi sent this book and the rocks back with him when she saw him in Boston. LOVE it! Can't wait to look for my own Heart Stones!
Any one who knows me, knows I LOVE hearts!
This one has sparkles!
I decided to add a basket picture on the mantle, I think it helps the balance a little better.
Scott and I also drove to Birch Bay to the C shop for chocolate bunnies! Yummy!
I am sending a goodie to each of our kids...
Had to have a goodie for each of my niece and nephews that are coming to visit Friday!

Scott had one while we were at the C shop, but he wanted one for Easter too! Hehe!
And I couldn't forget my friends at work!
I decided to make some special m&m treats for my friend Jessica for Easter, I made another 30 total, these are the 8 for her using my bird punch. The rest are for us to sell for Relay for Life.
Koko was feeling very neglected! :)

Had a great weekend! Accomplished A TON! And SO HAPPY to have Scott home! Sounds like he will be here until after Easter! Yay!

Adding touches of Lavender

I found this paper at the paper store the other day, and fell in LOVE with it. It is made in Italy, and reminds me of my favorite dishes from Italy.
I have been considering repainting the kitchen a pale green, and using lavender and green accents, so I stuck a piece of the paper above my oven.
I also used some on the back of the curio cabinet in the living room.
I am liking it alot!

We are having a great weekend! Hope you are too!

My hubby is finally HOME!

Scott is finally home after almost 5 weeks in Boston! He wasted no time wanting to fly! So I tagged along, it was a little hazy out, but gorgeous as usual!
I just love the color of the water. ( Click the images to enlarge)
All the little islands and boats below.

We headed to the famous Spruce Goose restaurant at Port Townsend. I have heard about this place but had never been before. It was delish! I hope to go again soon :)
Then off we went back over all the islands towards home.
We flew over Deception Pass...
Off in the distance you can see shades of yellow, that would be the daffodils. Scott offered to fly me over them and the tulips that are in bloom, but we were experiencing some turbulence. I just wanted down about that time!

It was a great day! Luckily the turbulence didn't last too long.

We will be heading to the tulip fields next weekend when my dad is here and Easter, can't wait!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Scrap paper organization and Easter goodies

I am really loving my new system for scraps of paper! I sorted through the 3 isis cart drawers full of scrap paper I had and threw away (yes honey, threw away) anything smaller than 3 inches by 3 inches. Sorted them all by color then placed each color in large ziplock bags. Then labeled file folders with the color and stuck them in a pretty basket that sits near my feet at my desk.
Now when I need a scrap I just go to that color and look through the ziplock bag to see if I have something that will work! Easy peasy! And having it at my feet makes it easier than having to stand up and walk over to all my full sheets of paper, so I always check the scraps first! Infact, I used scraps to make the Easter Relay for life goodies!
I think they turned put pretty cute, and I used up some scraps :)
I found the chick stickers at Michael's and used a Happy Easter stamp that I already had. I kept them really simple, no ribbon this time, but just as cute!
These were made with stickers I found at Dollar Tree! Love the glittery pop they have!
Hope you had a great weekend! I am missing my hubby and am soo ready for him to come home for a few days! Koko is too!

Spring Decorating 2010

Did a little decorating for spring this weekend. I am looking for a quote or picture to put in the middle, I have been trying to find a mirror that would work there for a long time, so I have given up!
The pot on the african violet looks blue in the picture, it is purple in real life.

The letters I found on clearance at Michael's a while back and are a lilac glitter.
This picture show the glitter a little better. I used the bird punch and sponged the edges. I really like this little bird, I am going to try to make a garland to hang from the light in the dining room using the bird and the flowers.

I bought this nest last year at TJ Max when the Easter stuff was on clearance for $1.99.
I need to pick up a few more of the moss covered rocks from Dollar Tree, when I picked them up I didn't know what I was going to do with them, but am pretty happy with them inside the jar, my other thought was to fill it with Jelly Beans, but that would cost too much! Haha!
I am working on this corner still, I bought the curly willow branch this weekend at the Lynden Craft and Antique show. I love it, not sure what to do with it. I bought another one that is by the front door. I am looking for a toile to put inside the curio cabinet before I get to carried away with filling it.
I am thinking of using these dish towels as inspiration for painting the kitchen. If Scott isn't home next weekend, I may spend it painting and redecorating. Goodbye peanut butter walls, and chickens, hello spring green walls, herbs and lavender check curtains! Yummy! I think I even have a metal bee I can use somewhere!