Sunday, July 19, 2009

House 5......

House number five.... I have saved the best for last! Love these last two houses! Love this arbor.
This artist had whimsy scattered here and there. 
She left little notes on trees and shrubs too, so we would know about the plant. Such a nice touch.
Beautiful rose climbing on the arbor. Love that little balcony!
More glass pieces and flowers...
Looking for a boot or two, to make a few of these too! Too cute! And fun!
I would have loved a glass of wine, and a book about now, this is a perfect place to sit and enjoy.
Going to add Hollyhocks to my garden next year.
Love the blue bottles! My friend Kari would love the stargazers, Scott likes them too. Mine did not grow, maybe I will try again next year.
Notice the door...... I gotta get me at least one.......

Okay, okay the best one is coming up!

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