Monday, September 20, 2010

Cookies for the hubby and friends

Okay, I've got one last post for you before I head out the door for a few days! I couldn't leave my hubby with an empty platter for home baked goodies, so I whipped up a batch of Ginger Crinkle Cookies. These are my favorite fall cookies!
They are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside.
I decided he didn't need the whole 4 dozen cookies so I made a few little cards...
packaged up 6 cookies into little bags I had down in the studio.

A nice Fall little treat to say "thinking of you" I am going to drop these off to a couple girls I know this morning. One is for my sweet friend Andrea for dropping me at the airport and helping take care of Koko while I am gone, and the last one is for my brother and his family for picking me up at the airport tonight and letting me stay the night.
I think the hubby will be happy for a few days =)
My hubby left as usual this morning for work, so I have already "hidden" his little cards. I have already gotten the coffee pot ready for him so he won't find this one until tomorrow night.
He will find this one tonight.
This one he may find tonight, or tomorrow not sure! It will depend if he eats the homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight, or takes it for lunch tomorrow! Ha! I have a few others scattered different places, in his sock drawer, under some towels in the bathroom... you get the idea!

Have a fun filled week!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lazy Fall Sunday.

We are having a lazy Sunday. The weather outside is pouring rain and windy, one of my favorite kind of days. I am finished with Christmas Tags, packing my bags for my trip, cleaning the house, laundry, making sure my hubby has a freezer full of food and we are having left overs for dinner! =D
I put together a few little cards to tuck here and there for my hubby to find while I am away. The coffee canister, on his pillow, etc. then I will mail him a few too! I try to keep them simple... in case he wants to toss them, which he usually doesn't do! Aww so sweet, he has a drawer full of every card I've ever made or given him.
Packaged up a little giftie for my bestie too! I wrapped the gift in the blue tissue paper with some chocolate, tied the brown ribbon around it, attached a glittered tag, placed it in the animal print bag and clipped the card on with a glittered small clothes pin that I added a few felt leaves and a button!

I hope she likes it! I am so looking forward to lots of chit chat, coffee, chocolate, massages, shopping, reading by the pool and just hanging out with my very best friend for a few days!
I am also really looking forward to lots of chit chat, shopping and crafting with my sister, and hanging out with her family and my brother and his family for a few days, it should be a fabulous couple weeks =) If I can sneak Adam and Lacey in there too all the better! Just wish my hubby was going too =(

I'm not sure if I will have time to post in the next couple days, but I will post as soon as I can! Have a FABULOUS week!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Christmas tags 2010

Only 97 days left till Christmas! Haha!

I have been working on Christmas tags for my families Christmas gift exchange on my mom's side. I got some great idea's from here. We have done ours several different ways through the years, but I liked this idea for this year, I think we may stick with it for a few years!  If you go to the link she makes tags, then they do a family draw and the name is already on the tag, then the family member can just add their own name to the tag and attach it to the gift! Since I am headed to see both my sister and brother and their families and I may even see Adam and Lacey I figured I may as well make up the tags and each person can pick a tag. This is just a few sneak peaks... don't want to ruin it for my family blog readers hehe! I'll post the finished ones when I get back from my trip. Yes, I worked on them yesterday in the hangar too! But my "table" was too small. See?

Next time I will take a larger table that I have.

Every September I begin thinking of Christmas. I do not like crowds, so my goal every year is to finish my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, then all I have to concentrate on is enjoying the Christmas season. I try to wrap the presents as I buy them. I usually come up with a color combination, then use that as the basis for my tags, cards, wrapping and decorating. I also like to try to do some homemade gifts, whether baking or crafting. This year I think it would be fun to include a winter dinner party, or a cookie exchange, or even a craft night with some of my favorite girls ;) we'll see if they are interested =D

My sweet hubby finished all his honey-do's and headed to the airport to play with his plane, I still have a little organizing left to do, but will need to concentrate on packing for 90 degree weather in San Antonio!
Are you thinking about Christmas too? I already have my list started for idea's for gift's for family and friends and would love to hear what you are planning! We do PJ's of course, so I will be on the lookout for those in the next couple weeks, and I have the kids send me a list of what they want, so they get some stuff they want and then I shop for stuff I think they need or would enjoy too! I have been bookmarking lot's of sites that have cute ideas for Christmas too! Don't worry, I know we have Halloween first, I won't skip decorating for that first! I have some idea's for Thanksgiving already too!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Closet organization

I spent all day yesterday pulling everything out of three closets I have in my hallway. This fall cleaning/organizing is getting a little out of control! =) Oh well, it keeps me sane! hehe! I think?!
Anyway, I pulled everything out, so of course that meant the house was now a disaster! I had to come up with a plan to put it all back, but organized!

I put all like things together in piles on the floor, cleaning supplies, paper products, dishes, candles etc...

I made a pile of things to go to Goodwill, and the garage (all those canning jars!) and a garbage pile.
I sat down with my notebook, to sketch out my idea. If I don't do this, I get sidetracked! Plus I needed a list for my trip to Target.
This was my idea for the end of the hallway closet. So off to Target I went to get 6 plastic containers, and some of those space bags!

Ahhh, much better... but NOT cute. I would have liked to have gotten some cute baskets or colored tubs like I have been seeing in blogland, but my budget didn't allow it. These were $5.00 each, and the perfect size. Unfortunately, Target only had four, so I made that work, then headed down to the studio for some stuff to cutesy up my boring tubs.
Here they are all cutesy! Some 12x12 decorative paper, paper scraps, ribbon and a few buttons =)

Here is a close up. Easy peasy!

They have little tags with a general description of what's inside. When the hubby came home from work I showed him all my hard work and my cute bins, I don't think he got it... but I am happy!
Then we headed to the airport so he could do a little work on the plane.

Doesn't he look awful happy about a tire? I don't get it, but he's happy! *giggle* We spent a few hours with the plane then he took me to dinner!
It was delish!

It is Friday, yay! The hubby gets off at 10:30 today! I am hoping he will get some of my honey do's done today before we head down to work on the airplane. I am packing us a picnic dinner tonight, so it won't be 9:00 pm before we eat like last night.

Have a great Friday!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Update on Justin and Genna's house

Genna and Justin worked in their front yard last weekend, so here is the after! They are really enjoying being home owners =)

Remember what the before was like?

Genna has been able to unpack the boxes I took to her so here is a little updated picture of the kitchen.

The dining room, I think this room is my favorite! She is doing a wine theme in the dining room and a mushroom theme in the kitchen.

Guest bedroom. Yes, she is a red girl! It looks so nice Genna! Love the book case!

The man cave and her office.

Another angle of kitchen. I stole these images off her Facebook profile! Hopefully she won't mind! hehe! But I just had to share! I just love their home...

Thanks for stopping by today, this is the second post of the day, so scroll down!

Some kitchen organization

Being sidetracked has continued, so I have not been in the family room painting as planned! Haha! I did get the first full coat of paint on the fireplace down there, but with no furniture, we moved the cable box upstairs, so now I can't even watch TV down there, so I don't really want to be there. Maybe when I return from my trip?
Anyway, I am continuing to organize my kitchen. Above is the silverware drawer... very little had to be done with this drawer, but the extra silverware that I don't use everyday was driving me crazy, so I tied it up with some pretty ribbon =) I am a happy girl!
Isn't it pretty? And it is all together, not a mixed up mess!
Here is the cooking utensil drawer, much better!

Yep, I even cleaned up this area! I would love to have the pull out drawers that Genna has in her house, but I don't so I went looking at Home Depot and found a wire basket for closets! Perfect!
Now I can just pull out the wire basket and get what I need!
I need to get another one or two, but these baskets are working for now, and I already had them ;)

So much better! But now I have a problem....
I need to find a place for all this! Hehe! I guess I will continue my organizing today too. I have noticed in blogland that organizing seems to be on lots of minds, there are lots of ideas out there for almost every problem area, so if you have an area you need idea's for I'll bet it is out there.

I noticed I am close to my 300th post... so I am thinking about a giveaway! Maybe a fall or Halloween banner and a couple other things I find? I'll keep you posted! This will be my first giveaway, how fun!

Do you enjoy being organized? Let me know what you've been organizing lately!