Friday, October 1, 2010

More San Antonio...

 Another warning... LOTS of pictures! Day 2 began at the pool after a trip to get lattes downstairs! We spent several hours at the pool just hanging out reading. I think that is why I enjoy traveling with Kari, we don't have to do ALL the touristy stuff. She is just as happy sitting by the pool reading a book as I am.
When we went to Italy we usually were in bed reading by 7:30 pm! Haha! We missed dinner time because the restaurant's didn't open to serve dinner until 9:00 pm. Now before you think we were crazy, it was in January, it was freezing cold outside and our days would start at 5:00 am to catch a train to the next city! We saw Venice, Florence and Rome in a 5 day trip! It was a GREAT time and our very first trip together.
 Back to this trip, the architecture on the buildings was just awesome!
 In the mornings we were the only ones out by the pool.
 I finished 2 books this trip!
 After a few hours by the pool we went and got cleaned up and went looking for a happy hour, late light lunch. We had reservations for dinner at the Tower of the Americas so we didn't want something huge.
 As we were trying to still get our bearings on the Riverwalk I realized it reminded me of all my trips to Venice, I always feel lost in Venice, I never did get Venice or the Riverwalk figured out! haha!
Cafe Ole' again!
 After a little something to eat, we found the mall and did a little shopping.
 View of the Riverwalk from the second floor of the mall.
Then we headed to dinner.
 View from the Tower of the Americas.
 The restaurant rotates. It is a Charthouse Restaurant.
 My lovely BFF Kari! =)
 We shared the shrimp appetizer.
 I had to have the Lobster Bisque, luckily we shared it too. We both ordered the Prime Rib dinner, so good!
 Our waiter snapped our picture.
 Texas is so flat!
 Aww, there's the sunset! Just in time...
we shared the Grand Marnier souffle, it was fabulously delish! By the way, we did not finish even half of it! 
 After dinner we went up one more floor to the observation deck.
 Then headed to the Riverwalk for a riverboat tour.
 We each had one of these while enjoying the 35 minute tour, NOT a huge fan of this one, very skunky tasting.
 I would LOVE to bring the hubby back at Christmas time, they have Christmas lights up all along the river, they were testing this set. Not a great pic, sorry.
 We realized that we had not even seen all of the Riverwalk yet!

The end of another perfect day. We walked back to our hotel and read a little more before turning in for the night! 

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