Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Last night I met a couple friends at the hubby's and my favorite restaurant Skylarks. My friend Jessica was celebrating a birthday. (She is in the middle in the picture above) My other friend Amber went too!

After dinner we went next door to CreativiTEA, yay! I have been wanting to go ever since I moved to Bellingham, but didn't want to drag the hubby there kicking and screaming, hehe!
I picked my latte mug, my paints, and my stamps...
Jessica ordered tea for us! She always thinks of everything! It was really good too. Thank you Jessica!
They have LOTS of pottery to choose from. I can't wait to go again!
Amber painted a purple ring holder...
Jessica painted a black coffee cup with purple sponged over it...
And I sponged my latte mug two colors of blue, stamped some seashell shapes in blue and then sponged some starfish salmon color in a few spots here and there.
Can't wait till Saturday when we can pick them up and see how they turned out! Thank you so much girls for inviting me! I LOVED spending time with you and can't wait to do it again, when are we making soap???

Hope you had a creative evening with friends too!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some rain, a house warming party and Seattle

We are finally receiving some rain! Yay!
Makes us want to cuddle up in front of a fire, drink tea, and eat cinnamon rolls! YUM!
Sounds like a nice idea, but instead we headed south to Puyallup for a house warming party. Our friends David and Sara are finally celebrating moving into their new home.
I altered a quart size paint can from Lowes with paint chips, and paper. Glued on some rope and added some nuts, and washers. Added a few buttons, and ribbon too! I tried to keep it unisex. We included one of my favorite paint brushes and a Lowes gift card.
The drive normally takes 2 hours, but today it took 3. We had fog and pouring down rain the first 45 minutes, then a really bad accident about 6 minutes from Sara and David's house added an extra 45 minutes! But it was worth it. Their yard is just fabulous!
Plus we got to see sweet Turnner! Isn't he a cutie! Almost 4 months old now!
We had not spent any time in Seattle since moving to Washington, so we thought we would have dinner at the space needle before heading home.
Well, we made it within a block, but could not find parking anywhere. Their is a BIG concert tonight.... JAYZ is playing. So we gave up and drove home. We will try again another day.

Hope you enjoyed a day with friends too!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

More paper pumpkins

I made a few of these paper pumpkins also. These are made with an oval punch.
Aren't they cute??? Some are sponged with white, and some are sponged with brown.

I'm not sure which ones to use for my fall dinner with my friends/co-workers. Which ones do you like better?

Paper Pumpkins

I saw these cute paper pumpkins on a few blogs that I read and thought I would try making a few. The one above is my favorite.
It is made from glittery paper.
I think they would make adorable name cards for a fall dinner. (Write each guests name on the leaf?) Scott is traveling to south of Seattle this week, a few of my co-workers have been wanting to come have dinner at my house, so I may have to make a few "name cards" and send them home with them to decorate their home with.
We had turkey for dinner last night, just turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans. I made turkey soup today, but of course I cannot have white flour so homemade noodles or dumplings which I usually make could not go in, so I used gnocchi. It was delish! :D And because of the starch of the potato it thickened it as well!

Hope you are enjoying your fall favorites!

Breast Cancer Awareness 2009

Friday, October 9 was Breast Cancer Awareness Day at my work. Most of the festivities were held at the Woman's Diagnostic Center where the mammograms are done. Their were goodie bags, cookies, giveaways, etc. Not everyone was able to get over to that location, so I made little goodie bags for everyone at the office I work at.

They are very small, they only hold 2 Dove chocolates. Some also held some pink M&M's. I made 30. The tiny clothes pin is less than an inch high! So cute.
We have not done a whole heck of a lot this last week. I worked the late shift at work, which gets me home just before it is dark. We did go see Couples Resort yesterday at the movies, I thought it would be funnier.

Have a great week!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dinner from Canada

Here are the baby pumpkins, gourds and squash we purchased at Stoney Ridge Farm today, I thought I would use them as fall decorations until we cook the carnival squash.
Here is a picture of the Dahlias we bought at Boxx Berry Farm. So pretty!
And our yummy dinner my friend Rimplejit brought to me from Canada. It was still warm! So yummy! She has been treating me every few weeks with her yummy cooking, she says she hasn't mastered chicken curry yet or samosas so she made a run to Canada to purchase some from her favorite restaurant. So nice of her to bring some back for us :)
She brought us chicken curry, garlic and herb tortillas, and samosas with plum sauce.
Today was such a fantastic day! Gotta love fall! Hope you had a fantastic day too!

Want to say Happy Birthday to Jody, Scott's sister! We loved seeing you a couple weeks ago, and look forward to seeing you in May!

Golf or driving range?

Yes, today we golfed...
Or, technically hit a bucket of balls at the driving range.
Here's a picture of our "new to us" clubs. Thank you craigslist! (Mine are the purple and black bag, LOL!) My little stand is broken. But they are pretty :)
I didn't try this technique, it was funnier, I mean funner to watch! He he!
(Scott has asked me to let you all know, that he was in the sand trap on purpose, to practice! LOL!)
All in all we had a good time! It was a great way to spend the afternoon, outside in the crisp fall weather with my sweet hubby! I'll go hit a bucket of balls with him anytime! ;)

One more post, our dinner this evening. Yum!

Stoney Ridge Farm

Today Scott and I went to Stoney Ridge Farm. This was our first visit, in the past we have gone to a smaller farm for cider, apples and fall decor.
What I loved about Stoney Ridge is eye candy every where! Like the pic above, look at the eye candy in that picture! LOL! I love the truck and all the gourds and pumpkins, soo cute. But the guy in the picture...swoon!
We had to try the apple cider donuts with hot apple cider, yummy! Tomorrow, I am back to NO sugar or white flour, I have been horrible the last month or so.
I had to take a seat on this patio! Love it! It is part of the whole Stoney Ridge thing, I promise! I didn't just go up and sit on some strangers porch! LOL! Makes me want to paint my wicker lounger black.
I liked this idea of putting pumpkins all over this bare tree.
This is the inside to one of the little structures. Inside is where you could buy a slice of apple pie, or pumpkin pie. The donuts put me over the top, no room for pie too :( but it sure looked good!
At Christmas time they have cut your own Christmas trees, and a whole winter wonderland theme, I think we may have to come back! wink! We did not go for the wagon ride to check out the rest of the farm, but it looked fun! We bought some baby pumpkins, some gourds, and some different types of squash to bake. Of course we bought apples and cider too! But the gift shop was a disappointment. I will be dragging the hunky guy from the first picture to the other farm in a couple weeks when we need more gift store items, uh um I mean cider and apples!

On the way back to Bellingham we stopped at Boxx Wood Farm and bought corn, beets, peaches, and dahlias! The dahlias are really late this year. In fact I thought maybe I had missed them this year. (remember you can double click pics to enlarge)

Hope you were out enjoying the fall day! I'll be back with the last of our day, GOLF! Ha ha!