Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Coffee sacks and cookies

 Yesterday was quite a productive day! I finished all the laundry, cleaned the house, picked up some groceries, and did a little sewing. Above is the bulletin board I am working on using one of the coffee sacks I picked up at the Ruffles and Rust show over the weekend. I am using a frame I already had... but decided to paint it Heirloom White since I still had a can laying around. I will return tomorrow with the finished bulletin board!
 With the leftover part of the sack I decided to make a sample pillow, boy does that stuff fray like crazy! Ha! Andrea came over to sew her pillows, but I told her I would play around with my sample pillow for a few days before we made her pillows. I did double sew around all the edges and so far so good.
Today I am going to finish a couple projects since the sewing machine is out. Maybe sew on a couple cards too. It is another blustery day out side. Usually the winds don't come until November, so they are a couple weeks early this year. Luckily we are all ready for winter, lots of firewood, water, batteries, and canned food that can be warmed on the fireplace or the propane stove =) just in case!
 I made cookies and banana bread yesterday using wheat flour and oat bran in both. Somehow I didn't get a picture of the banana bread. The hubby has given the thumbs up on both!
I am thinking my sample pillow needs a little foo-fooing maybe some ruffles or flowers?

Quick update on the house hunting: we are headed back to the "Laurie House" tonight, but we did hear last night from our realtor that another couple has looked at the house 4 times and were putting an offer in today. "If it is meant to be it will be" is the motto we go by! We lost the house we are in 2 times to other buyers, before it finally became ours.

Thanks for stopping in today!

Monday, October 25, 2010

House decisions and a weekend of fun with Andrea =0)

I had a wonderful weekend with my friend Andrea! She was sweet and agreed to go with me to the Ruffles and Rust show down in Monroe Washington. The hubby was SOO glad he didn't have to go! Ha! Of course our trip started out with Starbuck's delivered to me from my sweet friend along with amazing coffee cake she MADE! =) She is learning to be quite the domestic diva! Or is it goddess???
 The show was jam packed with people! Their facebook page said they had 2200 people attend the show on Saturday. I didn't take any pictures except the one above, I wanted this cupboard, but did not want to try to carry it through all those people!
 After the show we headed to LaConnor, a place we both LOVE. We had a yummy lunch then walked the streets to the purse store... yes I bought another purse =) and the antique store. Then we headed back to Bellingham. She had plans to hike, I had two more houses to see with the hubby. (More on that in a bit)
 Andrea and I both fell in love with the coffee sack pillows they were selling at the show for $45.00-65.00 I told her I could make some for lots less. Then we found a booth that was selling the empty sacks so we each bought 2. I will make a pillow and a bulletin board with mine.
I also found these old optical parts that I thought would be cool made into pendants with some cording and a picture or something so I bought 2 of those too!
Then Sunday I made appointments for Andrea and I to have massages here. I wanted to thank her for letting Koko out for me each day I was gone in San Antonio and Utah. We had an amazingly relaxing time! (Kari you need to come visit so we can go, you will love it!)

Okay, so the house... decisions are so hard to make sometimes! Haha! I totally loved the view house, my hubby nope. =/ Didn't like it at all. So I made appointments to see a couple more. Both were wonderful, one has a view of Lake Samish, the other doesn't have a view but the house is a "Laurie house" as my hubby says. It is "WOW"! The hubby said no to the Lake Samish house due to it being to far away from where he works. The "Laurie house" we both love! But it's so hard to decide. I am driving by 2 more houses today, I like to drive by first so I am not wasting mine and the realtors time if I don't like the area or outside.

 Excited Andrea is coming over this afternoon to make pillows, I am baking banana bread and chocolate chip cookies and it's laundry day, ugh. Hoping to see my friend Jessica sometime this week;) I feel like I haven't seen you in weeks =D I had planned on trying to do some walking today, but the weather outside is frightful! Windy, rainy and cold. So I guess it will be a fire in the fireplace, baking and sewing day and maybe tomorrow try to do some walking, may have to just join a gym or something...

A little teaser of the outside of the "Laurie House"!
Have a warm and cozy week!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

{happy} canvas and cookies

 I had every intention yesterday of finishing some of the projects I have going in the crafty studio... mini books, Christmas cards, Thanks banner instead the only thing I managed to finish was this 12x12 canvas. I had originally planned it to be on a 24x24 canvas, but liked this better. This is one of my very favorite pictures we had taken by carlyteephotography in our Valentines Day mini photo shoot.
 I chose some paper that went well together and cut them into 4x4 squares. It reminded me of a quilt, so I added some buttons, and one of my crochet birdies from etsy.
 I have had the vinyl saying for quite a while, I bought it at Treasury when it was still open. I am very pleased with how this came out, for now it is hanging in the dining room. I am still waiting for recipe cards from family members so this fills the spot for now.
 I discovered a lost jar of Traders Joes peanut butter yesterday in the cupboard that was close to expiring so I made peanut butter cookies.
 I used the same recipe as here, but I didn't put in the almond extract, I replaced 1/2 the butter with  peanut butter and replaced 1/2 a cup of oat bran instead of the wheat flour. I doubled it, since I wanted to use as much of the peanut butter as possible, and I didn't use the cookie press, just dropped them on the cookie sheet.

They were even better than normal peanut butter cookies! The hubby loves them (and Koko too!)

I will leave you with a sneak peak of the view from the house I am looking at this morning, my realtor couldn't get me in yesterday... so I drove by 3 times and parked. Can't wait to see the inside, I have already decorated the rooms I can see in the pictures! I HOPE this is THE house. 

Have an inspiring day!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Note card set

 I spent yesterday organizing the crafty studio... getting rid of LOTS of "stuff" I haven't used in years. Since my desk was all cleaned off I decided to create a set of note cards for someone who has a Birthday at the end of the month ;) I LOVE this stamp set! Papertrey Ink Year of flowers- Violet. I have the Larkspur one as well, but I think I may need a few more. Anyhoo, here is the set all together.
 I stamped the inside of each card to match.
 I used glittery Stickles for the inside of the flowers.
 I did a few different colors and occasions.
 Such a simple card, easy to mail too which is always nice.
 I think I may make a few for myself today! Always nice to have a couple already made up... I really prefer to make cards for each person though!
Hmm, this might make a good craft night project! I wonder if I can find anyone interested in coming?

Well, today is grocery shopping and I may or may not be looking at a new house today too! IF it is a possibility I will post some pics, but I have some very distinct wishes on my list this time around, so it MUST have them all. We will see in a couple hours ;) Then I will play in the crafty studio, and maybe if the weather holds, take a sunset flight with the hubby =)

Enjoy your day!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Flight with hubby over Mt Baker

 The hubby finally received enough hours to satisfy the insurance company to allow him to take passengers. He insisted I go yesterday =) It was gorgeous out, so I didn't put up too much of a fight. His plane is a 1995 Maule, it is a "taildragger" he has spent everyday the last 2 and a half weeks with it.
 Do I look nervous? Haha! Actually I wasn't once we got to the airport.
 Okay here we go! His instrument panel is so nice. He is looking for some new "stuff" to put in there, Christmas presents for himself. =)
 Flying over the bay looking towards Canada.
 I think he was a little nervous flying me the first time in his airplane, what if I hated it??? I didn't!
 A few of the islands.
 Mt. Baker.
 Koko went too, she was a little better. She just shakes the whole time, Scott is going to try to find her some earmuffs to wear. Hehe! She had her tongue out the whole time too.
 Now he is loosening up a little! He is such a cutie!
 I love all the patchwork looking farms below.
 I was trying to take a picture of how much room is in the back.
 We followed the river to Concrete.
 Photo op in Concrete. Wish I would have thought to pack a picnic lunch, next time for sure.
 Back up in the air Mt. Baker.
 Mt. Baker.
 Flying over Lake Whatcom.
 Flying over Bellingham.
 Flying over the marina.
 The color of the bay was just amazing today.
 Coming in for a perfect landing.

On the ground once again! I think I am going to like this airplane, alot!
We went home and the hubs cooked some breakfast for us, then he went back to the airport... the hanger he is renting for his plane was ready for him to move into! Yay! So he spent a couple hours making sure "she" was happy in her new home! I played in the crafty studio! I had put a turkey breast in the crock pot, so we had turkey dinner, perfect for fall!
Not sure what I am going to plan for this week, but whatever it is I am sure I will post soon!
Have a GREAT week!