Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas gift projects

I had a very productive day! Finished quite a few projects! Above is a fun project using a heavy weight coaster, card stock, buttons, ribbon and an office clip. I ordered the calendars from a website. The size of the coaster is 4x4, I ordered a dozen, so I think I will make them for my coworkers! :) Jessica, if you are reading that means you too ;~) I will make each one different.

I made several of these a couple years ago, I had three left so I made those up too! It has days 25-1. The size is 4x51/2.

I had seen these last year at Treasury and bought everything to make them, but ran out of time last year. These are made with the flat glass ornaments, silver snowman stickers, rhinestone's and ribbon. I filled them with Epsom salt and glitter. They are very pretty in real life.
I made a set of four, and have four more to finish tomorrow.
Made another Love Lives Here frame. Another one of my favorites! I didn't use any buttons on this one just the flowers with the pearl in the center. I will be back with a post tomorrow showing some candles I decorated using the Epsom salts, put on a Dollar Tree silver tray, and added some bits and pieces. I will finish up my Christmas tags and show how I wrapped my presents this year! Hope you'll come back.....

See you then!

Snowman ornaments, wind and good news

November in the Pacific Northwest brings winds.... I am not a fan of the wind. Living in the tall pine trees and cedar trees, the wind can be noisy! And I admit, I do worry about the occasional tree falling on the house, while we sleep. Above is a picture of the patio after the last wind storm.
I have been busy making Christmas presents that I of course, cannot load here since most of the recipients read my blog, so I thought I would show a project a did a couple years ago, before I had a blog.
These little snowmen ornaments were so fun to make, I made 3 dozen. They are made using the clear ornaments from Michael's, white acrylic paint, infant socks from Walmart (a set of 3 pair for $4.99), small buttons for the nose from Michaels, a black sharpie marker for the eyes and mouth and pink acrylic paint for the cheeks and some glitter, ribbon and small jingle bells.
Remove the top off the ornament and fill with some of the white acrylic paint, move the ball around until it is completely covered with paint inside then set aside to dry, (overnight is best). Put the top back on and decorate! For the hat I just cut the toe end to make it fringe and then slip it onto the ball, with a little glue or double sided tape!
It was fun to see each of their little faces appear! Each one was so different!
I am getting really excited to see our kids in a few days! Today I am going to finish wrapping ALL their gifts and start the packing process. Can't wait to start decorating for Christmas as soon as we get back too ;D
Had the best news a few days ago, my LSS, Treasury of Memories that closed down a month ago, has started selling custom orders and kits! They are now set up in a warehouse style facility, which makes me SO HAPPY! I ordered ALL this and put them all together a couple nights ago! I have a few more things I've ordered too!

Hope you had a great week! And a fabulous weekend!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Turnner visit, Christmas tags, projects...

We had a surprise visit from Turnner and his mama last week! It was so good to see them! Isn't Turnner a cutie??

I have been finishing up Christmas projects, and a couple projects for our home too!!! :) I am very happy with how this turned out!

This is how it looks in the entry way. I really miss Treasury, Michael's and JoAnne just don't cut it.

This is a set of cards I finished up for my mama! She used all her last ones, and asked for more. I will send them out with their Christmas present.

All of these items will be made into my Christmas tags this year. I think my theme is brown and red!
We have been having our normal high winds since a couple days before November! Can't wait till December gets here and the winds stop! I am so excited to see the kids in 10 days!!! Can't wait!
Hope you had a NOT windy weekend!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Broken camera :(

Scott accidently dropped my camera and broke a small piece off the cover for the batteries, it still works, but I have to hold it closed tightly while I take pictures and download to my laptop. I am hoping Santa will bring me a new one..... it is making it difficult to take pictures and post on my blog. I finally finished the project above. I LOVE how it turned out!

I made a trip to Dollar Tree today to try to finish my Christmas shopping. I like to use things from Dollar Tree for wrapping, etc... it is so inexpensive. They have so many cute things right now! I am going to alter those felt trees with family pictures as ornaments, I will post a picture when I get them done. I bought a few inexpensive things for my Secret Santa at work too! I wanted her to have a little something to open every day for the 2 weeks we are gifting each other. I will add a few things to the other felt trees, and the snow flakes will be cute hanging in the livingroom windows!

I bought Koko a little red and white stripped sweater to wear this winter when we walk. Doesn't she look cute?

She has been wearing it all afternoon and I think she likes it! :)

Hope you had a good weekend!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween treats and another housewarming gift!

I made a few Halloween treats for my co-workers. I bought the jars at IKEA, they are the same jars I keep ALL my buttons in. I bought the vinyl at Treasury before they closed (I miss that store so much! :( ) Added some googlie eyes, ribbon and candy.
Stamped and added some paper to the lid, with ribbon and added a tag.
I LOVE them, my co-workers did too! :D
This is the photo board I did for my friend Rimplejit. She moved into a new apartment, her home is all red and brown. I gave her some of my favorite tea, a dish towel, a candle and some chicken and sweet potatoes, in hope that she will share when she cooks it up into chicken and sweet potato curry! She is still waiting for her hubby to come to the states from India! She is going to visit him for Thanksgiving, she is hoping to bring him home with her! fingers crossed for her!

Hope you are having a great weekend! Enjoy the extra hour today!

Chocolate covered cherries, yum!

When I found out my BFF Kari was coming to visit me, I thought, hmm, wonder if she would teach me to make her chocolate covered cherries??? So when she graciously asked if I needed her to bring me anything, I asked if she was willing to share her recipe and teach me to make them. I am not a fan of chocolate covered cherries, but these are yummo! :)
We went out first thing Sunday morning to get the ingredients! Maraschino cherries at Costco, a stick of butter, 2 pounds plus powdered sugar, and a can of sweetened condensed milk.

We flattened out the dough and wrapped it around a maraschino cherry, then put them in the freezer while I cooked Chicken Fettuccine, yummy!
We melted the chocolate, I used half dark and milk, I like the combination of the two.

Then dipped the frozen wrapped cherries into the chocolate making sure to cover the entire cherry to the stem so they would not leak!

They are suppose to sit for a week before eating, the hubby couldn't wait that long! He he! He loved them! In fact we made 2 pans and one is gone already.

Thank you so much Kari for teaching me to make these yummy sugary morsels! My hubby thanks you too!

Visit from my BFF!

My best friend came to visit me last weekend! It was nice to have her here. We went and had tea at Abbey Tea Garden, one of my favorite places in Fairhaven!
The autumn color was showing off! It was a perfect fall day. I had the chance to go to some of the shops in Fairhaven that I hadn't gone into yet, so that was fun!
We also had the chance to go to a new restaurant Scott and I had been wanting to try in Birch Bay... it was delish, in fact I think the clam chowder is even better than our other favorite restaurant, and remember I am not a HUGE fan of clam chowder!
It was an absolute perfect weekend in the Pacific Northwest!

Also, need to say Happy Birthday to my mama! Thats her and my step dad in the picture below!
Love you mom!