Thursday, October 7, 2010

October list

 My list of crafty stuff for October just keeps growing! *grin* I made a little trip to JoAnn for a few things on my list and found much more than I had planned... yummy papers, stickers
 felt, glittered buttons, dainty flowers, letters
while I was feeling so inspired I made a trip to my local scrapbook store too! Haha! found some pretty ribbons and more paper! The bright fabrics and pom-poms came from JoAnn, I need them for a very special project I am working on! Hope to post pics in the next couple days.

List for October:

MORE birthday cards
Halloween cards
votive holders
paper pom-poms, pin wheels, and lanterns
mini books (three) =)

I have once again been thinking about a craft cottage in the back yard like this one... the hubby still insists I wouldn't be happy, but I wonder...

What do you think? Would you like to have a craft cottage away from the house to sneak off to and be crafty or read a book with a cup of tea or take a nap?

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