Monday, October 25, 2010

House decisions and a weekend of fun with Andrea =0)

I had a wonderful weekend with my friend Andrea! She was sweet and agreed to go with me to the Ruffles and Rust show down in Monroe Washington. The hubby was SOO glad he didn't have to go! Ha! Of course our trip started out with Starbuck's delivered to me from my sweet friend along with amazing coffee cake she MADE! =) She is learning to be quite the domestic diva! Or is it goddess???
 The show was jam packed with people! Their facebook page said they had 2200 people attend the show on Saturday. I didn't take any pictures except the one above, I wanted this cupboard, but did not want to try to carry it through all those people!
 After the show we headed to LaConnor, a place we both LOVE. We had a yummy lunch then walked the streets to the purse store... yes I bought another purse =) and the antique store. Then we headed back to Bellingham. She had plans to hike, I had two more houses to see with the hubby. (More on that in a bit)
 Andrea and I both fell in love with the coffee sack pillows they were selling at the show for $45.00-65.00 I told her I could make some for lots less. Then we found a booth that was selling the empty sacks so we each bought 2. I will make a pillow and a bulletin board with mine.
I also found these old optical parts that I thought would be cool made into pendants with some cording and a picture or something so I bought 2 of those too!
Then Sunday I made appointments for Andrea and I to have massages here. I wanted to thank her for letting Koko out for me each day I was gone in San Antonio and Utah. We had an amazingly relaxing time! (Kari you need to come visit so we can go, you will love it!)

Okay, so the house... decisions are so hard to make sometimes! Haha! I totally loved the view house, my hubby nope. =/ Didn't like it at all. So I made appointments to see a couple more. Both were wonderful, one has a view of Lake Samish, the other doesn't have a view but the house is a "Laurie house" as my hubby says. It is "WOW"! The hubby said no to the Lake Samish house due to it being to far away from where he works. The "Laurie house" we both love! But it's so hard to decide. I am driving by 2 more houses today, I like to drive by first so I am not wasting mine and the realtors time if I don't like the area or outside.

 Excited Andrea is coming over this afternoon to make pillows, I am baking banana bread and chocolate chip cookies and it's laundry day, ugh. Hoping to see my friend Jessica sometime this week;) I feel like I haven't seen you in weeks =D I had planned on trying to do some walking today, but the weather outside is frightful! Windy, rainy and cold. So I guess it will be a fire in the fireplace, baking and sewing day and maybe tomorrow try to do some walking, may have to just join a gym or something...

A little teaser of the outside of the "Laurie House"!
Have a warm and cozy week!


Anonymous said...

Wow! This house looks so huge! I can't wait to see the inside!! It's like a craft mansion! :) Sad I couldn't make the Laurie and Andrea trip but looks like you ladies had fun! The coffee sack idea is awesome and I love the eye pieces you got :)

kari said...

How does a February visit sound? I need some Laurie time, I miss coffee & coctails with my friend. A massage does sound wonderful :-)