Monday, April 27, 2009

More weekend photos

Wanted to share a few more pictures from the weekend.....

Have a great week!

A day at the beaches....

Sunday morning started out just as early as Saturday morning, we headed down Chuckunut drive to Larabee State Park to see if we could find more purple star fish! We found a few, not as many as a couple weeks ago. The one above needed a rescue mission, so Kim rescued it and gave it a home in the water.

Next stop was Abby Tea Garden, such a sweet place :) We enjoyed tea sandwiches, scones and desserts!
We made time for a little more shopping, then headed north to Birch Bay. On the way we made stops at Zuanich Point,  Squalicum Beach, and Marine Drive Park. After Birch Bay we headed to Semiamoo and the spit in search of more sea critters, hoping to find sand dollars!

We found sand dollars everywhere, and were so busy in the sand picking them up, we didn't notice the tide moving up and the next thing we knew we were on a 5 foot sand bar with water all around us! It was so fun, the water was really warm, I wore flip flops so not a problem for me to get to shore, Becky and Kim were wearing shoes that had to be quickly pulled off, but we made it to shore safely. Then it was off for more shopping in Bellingham, Kohls and Trader Joes. When we finally made it home after 7:00 we had a yummy salmon, asparagus and couscous dinner. After dinner, it was time to plan their next visit in August with all their families joining them. Should be lots of fun, our kids are coming also! :) Thank you for visiting me, it was alot of fun girls!

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Tulips 2009

I had a wonderful visit from my mom, sister, and sister-in-law over the weekend. Sent the hubby to visit his sister in Connecticut, he will be home tonight :) yay! Koko and I missed him. It was perfect timing to see the tulips in Mt. Vernon. This was the first week for them to be in bloom, really late this year. They were beautiful as usual! We started out the day at the Bagelry, went to the Farmers Market in Bellingham, then headed down to Tulip Town and Rootzengarde. After the tulips we headed down to La Connor for a very late lunch and shopping! When we finally made it back to Bellingham we got lucky and Treasury was open late. :) So we went and did a little more shopping! Hehe! Then finished the evening with gelato in Fairhaven. It was a great day.

This is my mom, my sister Becky, and my sister-in law Kimberly at Tulip Town. It was a little windy and cool out so this picture is inside where the murals are painted

Becky, me and Kim at the Waterfront Cafe, we had clam chowder and beer battered fish and chips mmm,mmm good stuff!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Family frame

Remember this post? 

I just wasn't happy with the square and what to do with the extra space I think it turned out great on the rectangle piece of wood! As always click on the image to enlarge! :)

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Sara Baby shower

This is the invitation I made for my friend Sara's baby shower I am hosting on May 3. She is having a boy, and likes the green, orange, brown color scheme, with jungle animals. I think they turned out pretty cute. I am just finishing up the thank you goodies for each of the gals who come, about 10, I will post them soon. :) Also, have some cute pics for decorating, and some stamping for the games too. Yes, I have been busy, just haven't been posting for a while :)

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I created this name frame and card for a co-worker that had her first baby a couple months ago, I am very pleased with how it turned out. Love the matching card too. :)   (As always you can click on the picture to enlarge.)

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Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday started with Easter Baskets, bacon, sausage and Blueberry Waffles with Blueberry syrup we picked up at the Farmers Market. It was a very rainy windy day so we decided to go to the movies to see Fast and Furious, very good movie...... then went to Whatcom Falls park for a walk in the rain :) 

Then home for Easter dinner..... and what did my kids want for dinner? Ham? Turkey? Uh, no... seafood! Yes, we had 10 pounds of crab, 2 pounds of clams, 2 pounds of shrimp, and for dessert? Chocolate fondue! 

They were a very happy bunch! 

Hope you had a wonderful day.

Kids come to visit for Easter

We had a wonderful visit from two of the three kids for Easter. Genna brought her boyfriend Justin for us to meet. He is a great guy, who treats her well. I spent several weeks before their visit doing spring cleaning and painting. Still have some things to do.... but got a nice start on cleaning out closets, and organizing! :) 

They flew in on Friday afternoon, so we had dinner out at a new little place on the water front that has the BEST fish tacos! Nikki Bellas (if you live in Bellingham give it a try).

Saturday morning we hit the Bagelry for breakfast, walked to the Farmers Market, then started our journey down Chuckunut Drive to walk on the beach. Scott and I have been there many times, but have not seen many sea critters out and about.... this time the water was way down, and their were purple star fish everywhere! They are sooo pretty.

This is Adam.....
This is Genna and Justin.......

We then continued our journey down Chuckunut Drive to Mount Vernon to see the daffodils (tulips are not out yet:() 

Scott took the kids up over the islands and let Adam and Justin each fly the plane.

We came home and had a home cooked fresh Salmon dinner, and smores for dessert! YUM!

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