Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2010 Relay for Life Garden Tour

The hubby and I went to the Relay for Life Garden Tour again this year... you may remember we went last year and I really enjoyed all the ideas I came home with. Click here, here, here, here, here, and here to see my posts from last year. This year was a little disappointing,
but the flowers were amazing!
Lots of pathway ideas...
mirrors were used in several of the gardens we saw.

Scott was impressed with this water feature since he would not have to clean it out the way he does our pond and waterfall, but I reminded him we have fish! But I think it would be fab to put one of these by our firepit!!! *grin*
*sigh* so pretty!
Only one old door was used in a garden this year... last year it seemed like every garden we went to had an old door. I am still looking for a few for my house *wink*
Lots of gates!

Loved the child's car filed with flowers! Another idea to keep a look out for.
Another mirror, lots of containers.
Loved this outdoor seating area! Oh. my. gosh. what is that!?! Back there?
Past the pond!
Finally! An outdoor room! Last year I fell in LOVE with the idea of having my own outdoor room... loving this one!

So cute! =D

Lots of yard art placed here and there!


Cute chicken claw door handle!

Wait, back up! Did you catch that in the picture above? The chicken claw door handle, it's a chicken coop! How fun! They had chickens too!

Roses just HUGE!

This garden is allergy free.

This was a cute idea to write the names of the plants on rocks.

This house was pretty far out of town, in Everson. Cute idea to use old ski's
and snowboards as outdoor seating!

Sorry, I {heart} barns!

After we went to the Garden Tour we drove up to Birch Bay for dinner. One of our favorite places to go.
These flowers we near the patio at dinner. I had not seen petunias this color before, they are bright pink with lime green edges, so different!
Had a great dinner, I had fish tacos, the hubby had a fisherman's basket! Yummy! The view was fabulous, the water so refreshing! Just recharges you for the week ahead! =)
Then we went for a walk on the beach with Koko and to make room for....
for ice cream. We had not ever been to Mallard before, it is downtown Bellingham, we usually go to Fairhaven for ice cream or gelato.
It was delish! I had chocolate lavender, such an interesting flavor I had to try it!!! I love things with lavender in it! We went to a Bed and Breakfast in Victoria BC a few years ago and the hostess served us Lavender Scones, they were the best things ever! Hubby had black cherry.

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday too!

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