Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy 22nd Birthday Andrea!

 While I was out of town my sweet friend Andrea turned 22. We made arrangements to all meet to celebrate her special day =) I whipped up a quick card... it didn't photograph very well.
When I was out shopping at a little boutique with my sister I came across this necklace that reminded me of Andrea. I think my crafty friend Jessica and I will try to make a few of them. It is made using a washer from the hardware store =D
 We all met at CreaTiviTea! Such a fun place! Somehow though I didn't have time to complete my entire project... but that's okay, I think it will turn out okay anyway! I am hoping to go back with Jessica for her Birthday and do some fused glass... with some Chai Tea... and LOTS of time to take our time ;)
 This is Teal, HI Teal! *waving*
 This is Tandy! Hey girl! *waving*
 Of course you know one of my besties Jessica! Can't wait to go back with you my friend! *smile*
 We ordered Chai Tea *sigh* and French Pressed Coffee.
 The Birthday girl! Another one of my besties *grin* Thanks for letting us take you to a crafty place my friend! Hope you always remember us when you use your cupcake plate =)
 Had to have a pic of all of us!
 A pic of me and the Birthday girl!
 After being rush finishing our projects we went to one of Andrea's favorite places to eat. NikkiBella's on the waterfront, we got there just in time to see the sunset.
 Yummy fish tacos... they are not the traditional fish tacos, but they are sooo good.
 We ordered a deep fried Twinkie for the Birthday girl. I didn't have any, but it looked good!
Happy Birthday sweet face! Love you lots! Koko too =D

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Anonymous said...

That was a fun night! :~) I can't wait to make the washer necklaces AND do fused glass!!! I may get addicted! :) Thanks again friend for hanging out with me!!