Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Co-worker goody bags

I made a few goodie bags for my co-workers tonight. I haven't brought any goodies to them in a while, so I thought I would surprise them.
Each of the bags contain either Hugs, and/or Kisses, or Reese's pieces. I try to give them each their favorite goodie :). I have found it is easier for me to give them treats like this, than to bake, which I LOVE to do, but have a hard time not eating. The candy, I can do without! LOL! These bags are about 3 1/2 inches high, very fun little bags!

Hope you had a sweet night too!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to Andrea!

This was the sunset from our front window last night. Absolutely gorgeous. The last one we will see for a while I think... it is pouring down rain tonight.

Tonight I went out with a few of the girls from work for dinner. It was Andrea's 21st birthday.
She had the privilege of buying her first legal beer in the U.S. She has bought beer in Canada and Mexico.
They made her wear the hat and sang to her. Happy Birthday Chica!

Scott did go golfing yesterday with a student of his, he seemed to enjoy it. I wish I could get him to take pictures, but he just will not do it. LOL!
I found out today, I did not get the job I had applied for which I am okay with :)

Hope you had a fun evening too!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Swap meet/Antique fair

When we walked into the Swap meet/Antique fair this is the first thing I saw! I kid you not! The very FIRST booth. Now some of you may say, "it's orange" it's not orange, it's the color of starfish!!!! I LOVE IT!! So, I told myself before looking at the price tag, "I love the whole set, but I am buying the table for sure" not thinking I could afford it ALL. By the way, it has drawers on BOTH sides. How cute for a scrapbooking room to scrap or craft with a friend?
The pair of chairs, $32.00 score!!! I got them for $30.00.
The table $42.oo!!! :D Yes I bought the whole set. BUT wait there is more. She discounted it for me too! In total I spent $130.00! The table was $40.00.
Look at the cute details on the chair back.
This bench was $18.00, she gave it to me for $10.00, I am going to find a cuter, beachy fabric to put on it, maybe a beach towel?
This trunk was $25.00. Okay, I know you are thinking what does she want with that old thing, but I adore it! I can think of a number of fun things to put in it.
This mirror was $22.oo. I got it for $20.00. I thought it would look nice above the fireplace, but it is not working for me here in this color. So it will either be painted, or put into another room.
This shelf with the baskets was $15.00. She gave it to me for $12.00. I thought it would be cute for more craft stuff. So the total came to $137.00. But, she was so grateful for my love of her stuff, she only charged me the $130.00. I want you to know, I did not purchase it right away, I did check out all 200 venders in 2 hours, before going back to the first booth to buy my purchases!
So, I am now in the process of listing some of my old furniture on Craigslist to sell, to make room in the guest bedroom for the new old furniture, because, she also had a couple dressers I want!!! She lives in Oak Harbor.... so I will be headed down there to buy a few things ;) I am still so torn as to whether to put my craft room in the guest room or not. Buying the table and chairs is not helping the situation. I guess first things first, I need to sell my old furniture, and finish painting the last two walls in the guest room. I would love to put some white wood flooring down too. All this before my next guest comes in 4 weeks! Hmm, ?

I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pick your own Hazelnuts

The hubby and I went and picked Hazelnuts this afternoon.
I thought we would be picking them from here.... the trees, which are short, so I thought it would be easy!
Actually, it's even easier, you pick them from here.... yes, the ground!
I was hoping to get 10 pounds...

Which is exactly what we managed to get 10 pounds at .80 cents a pound. I guess now we get to cure them.
Then after some dinner in Lynden, we headed to Best Buy, I was having issues with the internet ordering my new blackberry, so we thought we would just go pick one up instead. Well, we ended up with 2 new phones instead. Mine is Maroon.

Scott's is blue. Now we can text each other, download music, and use the internet, all by our phones.
Tomorrow, we are headed to Mt. Vernon to the swap meet/antique show. And maybe to the golf course down the street in the afternoon to hit some balls. Scott has decided to look into golf. LOL!

Every September through October, they arrive....

I decided it was probably a good day to put away all the outdoor furniture.... every year at this time in the Pacific Northwest they arrive.....
Everywhere. Can you see them? Spider webs everywhere! We don't need fake ones for Halloween we have the real deal! LOL!!!
I have been told they are in mating season.
They are beautiful and beneficial I know, but I HATE walking into them!
Why can't they build them where I DON'T walk?

More fall decorating pics

While waiting for Scott to come home from his teaching, I thought I would put the finishing touches on my fall decorating. Well, it may not be the FINAL touches.... I have a few things to add but "Welcome to Fall" in the Farnes home.

I would love to see what you've done for fall decorating in your home!

Beautiful fall day in the Pacific Northwest

It is a beautiful fall day here. This is the view from the front window, lots of sail boats :) on the water. We have today and tomorrow for great weather, then it looks like rain for a while. It's funny how every time I think of maybe selling this house and buying one that hubby would like better, I see this view, and I am reminded why I love this house.
Hubby is flying with a new student this morning, then we haven't decided which of the fun things we will do today and tomorrow. So many choices, so nice :)
The hazelnuts are ready to be picked in Ferndale, so I think it would be fun to do that this year and send for Christmas presents, the apple trees are ready too, so I am hoping to stop at Bellwood Acres for fresh apple cider (we love this warmed on the stove with some cinnamon and cloves on cool fall evenings), apple donuts, and some apples to make applesauce with and dry.... okay, maybe a pie for my sweet hubby too! Of course, we haven't made it to the corn maze yet, haven't been to Mt. Baker yet this year, and there is a flea market/antique show this weekend, down in Mt. Vernon with over 200 vendors that I am dying to check out! (that is a for sure sometime this weekend). See LOTS to keep us busy this time of year, which is perfect to keep my mind off the job I applied for..... hopefully, I will be called for an interview this week! Keep your fingers crossed for me ;0
I'll post later this weekend with some pics of what we decided to do.....
What are you doing this weekend?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sad, sad news.... for me anyway....


This is a picture outside my very most favorite scrapbook store September 22 at 9:20a.m. All these wonderful people are waiting for the store to open at 10:00 a.m. Yes, they still have 40 minutes to wait, the store is having a closing sale. Yes, it is closing for good. (the picture came from rudyjae) I went at 4:00p.m. when I got off work, and most of the good stuff was GONE! These ladies really went through the place and bought! Which is great for the owner, who has decided to stay home and spend time with her 2 little boys. I suspect, by October 1 the store will have closed it's doors for good. My question? Where am I gonna spend ALL my money now?

Any suggestions?

Goodbye little blue, hello black pearl....

Meet Black Pearl, he is my new ride!
Yes, we traded in little blue, for Black Pearl. Black Pearl is a 2009 Mercury Mariner Premier, fully loaded with sun roof, leather seats, heated seats (like little blue), bluetooth ready? whatever that is? I guess I can hook up my phone to the car and I have a button on the steering wheel to answer it? Pretty high tech stuff happening around here. In fact Scott now has a blackberry and is texting, which we never thought would happen.... so my new pink blackberry is on the way :)
Goodbye little blue, I'll miss you......

Blueberry Syrup

I finally got a chance to make some blueberry syrup!
So quite a few of you will be receiving a jar for Christmas!
I put a jar in the welcome basket I did for Scott's sis and hubby.
Along with some strawberry jam, and a fun picture frame. I really enjoy getting the guest room ready for company. I love getting the welcome basket ready too!

When are you coming to visit? I'll have the room ready, and the welcome basket!