Friday, July 20, 2012

 I made a couple of chalkboards from my old laundry room cupboard doors.
 We raffled them off at our Relay for Life booth.
So inspiring! And so Fun!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Friday afternoon I spent a couple hours in the craft cottage. I have a couple weddings this summer, so it was the perfect chance to get a couple gifts done. My favorite gift to give at a wedding is to frame the wedding invitation! I have been giving them as gifts for about 20 years! A friend of mine framed mine as a gift =) It still hangs on my wall.
 I created a little 3x3 inch matching gift card to go with each one. This one is for one of my nieces. Her wedding will be so fun, a ranch and cowboy boots! Wish we were going to make it!
 Loved her invitation, craft and black...
This one was really hard to photograph... recognize it? Yes! It is the same one we created last weekend.
  I added my favorite little shimmery white flowers with a little clear rhinestone in the center, simple and elegant. The "love" and "always" stickers are glittery and came from JoAnn. (They come in white too). The "for your shower" and "for the newlyweds" stamps came from Stampin Up!
These were soo fun to create! Two different kind of weddings, but using the same elements to decorate each one to make them unique!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

 This morning I hosted a little invitation making party.
 A friend is getting married in September and asked for a little direction in creating her wedding invites.
 She sent me a link to some she liked on Etsy and asked if I could help her recreate them. I immediately went to my craft cottage and made two samples (2 different sizes). Then worked out the quantity of supplies she would need.
 She was able to recreate them for quite a price savings!
 I offered my craft cottage and craft "tools" to her and her bridal party to put the invitations together.
 They turned out beautiful! I asked to have one, I told her I wanted it as a sample... I have a wedding gift in mind to make using her invitation! I will post it soon, I started working on it as soon as they all left. Ha!

 I had fun putting together some refreshments... coffee, tea, muffins, mini cinnamon rolls and strawberries.
 I am getting ready to paint the inside of the craft cottage! Can. Not. Wait!
 I am loving the colors that I will be using =)
 It will be hard to not have access to my crafty things for a couple weeks,
 but I will enjoy redecorating and organizing.
What color is your craft area? Do you have any good organizing tips for me? I'd love to hear!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

 I have been adding a little summer decor around my home the last couple days...
 I finally had a couple hours to get crafty in the craft cottage, so I completed my summer specimen art.
 The papers are all from Stampin Up! One of my favorite paper packs.
I added a few pearl details to a couple of the butterflies. I am almost done with a coffee filter wreath I have been working on, I will post pics in a couple days!

Thanks for visiting today!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Craft Fail?!

 A few weeks ago my friend Tandy and I got together to craft. We had both pinned a project we wanted to try so we thought why not do it together?! I picked up this huge spool of twine at Lowes!
 We had a great morning winding our twine around large paper mache letters. Hers turned out wonderful! I love it.
Mine, not so much! I am headed out to the craft cottage today armed with more glue sticks to try to make this work! Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

 I am just getting the chance to post a couple craft projects I worked on the last month. I saw the little Valentine mouse on Pinterest and had to make one! So cute!
 I had a Valentine craft day with my friends... so I made them each a little Valentine treat, a heart shaped tealight and a wrapped chocolate nugget. Very easy and pretty cute!
 Our craft class we made a candy container (was filled with m&ms) a card, and a mini book.
 This is the card...
 The mini book I did for my hubby. I designed the book and cut all the pieces out for everyone, then let them decorate theirs the way they wanted. I ordered the small size pictures from Snapfish. They came four to a 4x6 inch picture size. Perfect for this mini book!
 I included some of my favorite pictures from 2011.
 Then wrote reasons I love him =)
 He also received a little treat or gift each morning from February 1-14. Some days it was candy with a little note, other days was a home baked goodie. Sometimes he is hard to find a gift for, so this makes it easy for me to still give him something for Valentine's Day.
 I think I have made him a minibook the last 5 years? He seems to enjoy them, he's kept every single one of them on a shelf in his office.
I enjoy going back and looking at the previous years pictures when I clean up there =)
 I also planned a class for us to do perpetual calendars. I bought this downloadable calendar from somewhere on the  internet a few years ago... not sure where now.
Most of the girls are giving them as gifts to their mama's for Mother's Day along with our next craft project... 20 cards!

I saw these fun wreaths on Pinterest, I changed mine up a bit, this side is for St. Patrick's Day, the other side is for Spring/Easter.  Double duty =) 

Currently I am working on driftwood sailboats!

Have you made anything crafty lately? Please share!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Craft cottage mantel

 I finished the craft cottage mantel, you can read more about it here!

I have been working 2 days straight on cleaning this place up! The hubby decided on Sunday to help me organize the garage... which meant that most of the stuff I had in there, was put nicely piled into the cottage! It's clean now, just in time to play with my friend Jessica on Saturday! Woohoo!