Monday, October 18, 2010

Flight with hubby over Mt Baker

 The hubby finally received enough hours to satisfy the insurance company to allow him to take passengers. He insisted I go yesterday =) It was gorgeous out, so I didn't put up too much of a fight. His plane is a 1995 Maule, it is a "taildragger" he has spent everyday the last 2 and a half weeks with it.
 Do I look nervous? Haha! Actually I wasn't once we got to the airport.
 Okay here we go! His instrument panel is so nice. He is looking for some new "stuff" to put in there, Christmas presents for himself. =)
 Flying over the bay looking towards Canada.
 I think he was a little nervous flying me the first time in his airplane, what if I hated it??? I didn't!
 A few of the islands.
 Mt. Baker.
 Koko went too, she was a little better. She just shakes the whole time, Scott is going to try to find her some earmuffs to wear. Hehe! She had her tongue out the whole time too.
 Now he is loosening up a little! He is such a cutie!
 I love all the patchwork looking farms below.
 I was trying to take a picture of how much room is in the back.
 We followed the river to Concrete.
 Photo op in Concrete. Wish I would have thought to pack a picnic lunch, next time for sure.
 Back up in the air Mt. Baker.
 Mt. Baker.
 Flying over Lake Whatcom.
 Flying over Bellingham.
 Flying over the marina.
 The color of the bay was just amazing today.
 Coming in for a perfect landing.

On the ground once again! I think I am going to like this airplane, alot!
We went home and the hubs cooked some breakfast for us, then he went back to the airport... the hanger he is renting for his plane was ready for him to move into! Yay! So he spent a couple hours making sure "she" was happy in her new home! I played in the crafty studio! I had put a turkey breast in the crock pot, so we had turkey dinner, perfect for fall!
Not sure what I am going to plan for this week, but whatever it is I am sure I will post soon!
Have a GREAT week!

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