Thursday, June 30, 2011

A peek at the craft cottage

Last night a few friends came over to make luminaries for Relay for Life, so I snapped a few pictures of the progress so far on the craft cottage. This is the entrance to my craft cottage.
 I added some tissue paper pompoms to the ceiling to help lighten it until I can find some time to paint the whole room.
Then added some drop cloth pennants with twine and ribbon. In the background you can see the desk/hutch my hubby built for me 6-7 years ago. I will do a more detailed post more towards the end of the month.
 Added the WELCOME vinyl I found at TJ Maxx, below is an old window I purchased at ReStore, it will hold family pictures. I've decorated my mantle with different found objects that I love.
 Totally in love with the area! Ack! happy dance!
 Had to bring in an extra table to craft at. Some how I didn't get a picture of my craft island/table so will have to do another post for that! ha!
My coffee/tea chocolate area! Hope you enjoyed my little peek! I will try to do one more post before leaving for the birth of my grandbaby! I will be out of town for 3-4 weeks!

Have a crafty day!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lunchbox tins and jars...

 A couple weekends ago a couple friends came to hang out in my craft cottage!
 We had a nice lunch out there, before the serious crafting started!
 We covered "lunchbox" tins to hold cards.
 We made cute little candy filled jars
 to give to a coworker or friend that needs a little hug
 or two! Ha! The jars are filled with kisses and hugs!
 Sarah filled hers with peanut butter cups =)
 Fun simple little projects to use up some of my craft supplies!
 We had planned on making some cards too, I think Sarah got one made ;)
It was fun to see how the craft cottage is going to be used! I am still trying to finish organizing ALL my craft junk goodies!
Thanks for stopping in!