Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beginnings of Fall decorating.

Yesterday was a perfect Pacific Northwest day! Cold, windy, rainy, foggy, LOVE it! So when my friend Andrea wanted to meet for lunch we had to go somewhere on the water!
I ordered crab chowder with Caesar salad YUM! Then I happened to mention that I needed a new purse and wanted to go to La Connor. My favorite purse store is there. So we finished up lunch and headed south! Just like that!
Haha! I was looking for a brown or black purse but spied this one! It had a broken zipper inside that I would probably never use so she gave me $15.00 off!
I am preparing to decorate for fall... I just love each season, I could never pick a favorite! I am working on the front porch, the upstairs fireplace mantle and going to try to finish painting the kitchen.
Here's a couple little sneak peeks!
I went to Ross this morning, what a mistake that was! The line was like 20 long! So I put everything back that I had planned to buy and will go back this evening when hopefully it will be a little more quiet. I only had a few little things anyway, most of my shopping was done at home with what I already have.

Hope you are enjoying the beginning of the fall season too!

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