Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fabric pumpkins

The mirror is UP! And... I LOVE it! It adds soo much to the room! It took a little more than a normal mirror since the hubby didn't want to drill into the brick, but it all worked and looks great! Thanks  honey!
You may have noticed my new additions to the mantle and fireplace. I found this cute idea here. (be sure to check it out) I immediately ran to JoAnne to get some fabric!

Okay, so I found few extra pieces that I had to have along with the ones for fall! The great part? They were ALL on sale! Yay! The fabric quarters were only .99 cents each, and the homespun pieces were 30% off!
I took my roll of toilet paper...
Stuck it in a plastic bag, she used newspaper in her tutorial but I didn't have any and didn't want to use tissue paper, and the plastic bag worked just fine!
I wrapped the plastic bag up and into the hole of the toilet paper.

Unwrapped my fabric quarter,
and placed the toilet paper in the middle. I could have cut my fabric, but I wanted to be able to reuse everything after I was done with fall decorating.

I stuck all the fabric into the hole just like with the plastic bag.

Went out in the yard and picked up some sticks that I thought would work for the stems. Love the chunky one on the end!
Just stick the stick in the hole! Shape it a little bit and you are done! Or you can add some ribbon and bows!
Here they are sitting on my mantle.
I used some olive green tulle I had for the "leaves" but I really like the ribbon on hers too, so I may change them.
This one is my favorite, the color of the fabric reminds me of candy corn! And I love the chunky stem!
I made one using a paper towel roll too! Haha! I will go back to JoAnn this evening and get some orange burlap I think and redo this one... don't really like the brown.
Miss Koko was getting a little miffed at me, she wanted to play and tried lots of different toys to try to coax me to play with her!
I made one for the spare toilet paper roll on the back of the toilet too!
Love the print on this one! I have another fall project for you tomorrow.
I think I am burned out on painting... after painting Justin and Genna's house, I just can't get myself to pick up that paint brush!
See you tomorrow! Have a lovely afternoon.

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