Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dreaming of an Island Cottage

I know you have been wondering about our little cottage on Center Island... unfortunately we decided to let the original buyers go ahead and purchase the place. Which made us sad in the beginning because it was such a wonderful place!
But, we were able to find property that is available on the island...

there is a peekaboo view of the water through the trees *huge grin* Can you see it? *giggle* so excited! Keep your fingers crossed! By the way their are a total of 3 properties for sale but this is my first choice.

I have been searching the internet for cottage building plans, this is from here. (You can see the floor plan there too)

And this one is the same company here. (click to see the floor plan)

Did you know that Lowe's sells house kits? Isn't this one adorable? (It is KC697 if you want to see the floor plan click the red lowes) I have already been into my Lowe's to talk to them about this one! Is it silly that I spent $40.00 on cottage magazines to research what I want the inside to look like! Haha! Anyway, things always seem to work out for the best don't they?! 
In other news, my hubby won't be instructing for the next 21 days, our airport is closed for construction! But he has decided to get a little instruction of his own, so we may be heading down south to Vashon Island and renting a beach cottage for the long weekend, I will read and bird watch while he is getting the instruction in a Maule. Then when he is done we can wander the shops, eat, and walk on the beach! Oh and yes Miss Koko will be with me!
Have a great afternoon! I am waiting for the hubby to put something up for me before I can show you my Fall decor... so maybe tomorrow?

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