Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Girls Day Out! Shipwreck and IKEA

We had a great day yesterday for our Girls Day Out! Remember we were headed to Shipwreck Beads and IKEA!
These are my decorated bags of Zucchini bread that I made. One of the bags has a couple of my Fall banners too ;). I gave these to each of the girls before our trip began.
While I had the supplies out I made a few Fall cards to send out too!
Close up of the tags on the bags of my goodies.
Our morning started about 7:15 am! First stop Starbucks! Yum!
Next stop was Edmonds Ferry Terminal to pick up Sarah, Jessica's sister. She came over on the ferry. Such a cute little town. Would love to go back one day and walk the shops.
We were a little ahead of schedule, so we waited on the beach for Sarah's ferry to arrive. It was a perfect Pacific Northwest day! Cool, rainy and foggy, welcome back I've missed you*sigh* I know, not too many people can say they like these kind of days but I do =0)
Andrea and Jessica being silly on the beach.
While we were waiting I snapped a few pics!
Sarah's ferry pulled in and off we went!
I had Andrea snap a few photos as we passed Seattle and the Space Needle! 
We are here! Yay! Here is Andrea, Jessica and Sarah can you see how excited they are! Haha!
And one with me!
I had to take a picture of the sidewalk in front of the store! It's filled with beads, isn't that cleaver! Love it!
The store is HUGE! I am not even sure I saw ALL of it! I am glad I had a couple projects in mind BEFORE I got there or I would have been even more overwhelmed than I was!
Jessica is a closet bead fanatic, I had NO idea her LOVE of beads! She hoards them like I do my craft supplies! I am hoping she is going to teach me a few things.
After about 2 hours we pulled Jessica outta there! Hehe! kidding, I think...
Lunch was next on the agenda. Wraps and salads at Red Robin.

Next stop IKEA! Okay, so this picture is one I took earlier this year. It was still a cloudy, rainy day! It was the busiest day I have ever seen at IKEA! I think LOTS of people were shopping for college dorms. It was crazy in there. Found lots of ideas for furnishing the Island cottage, including the kitchen. (that, I will save for another post)
We dropped Sarah back off at the ferry terminal, stopped at Starbucks and headed home! We didn't have much traffic which was nice and surprising for a holiday weekend, we were back in Bellingham before 7:00 pm.
Thanks for spending the day with me girls. It was alot of fun! Lets do it again soon...

Hope you had a fun day too!


Sarah said...

I found your blog! Thanks again for picking me up yesterday! I had so much fun with you girls! That is amazing you guys got back that early! Cant wait to do it again! I can pick you guys up in Kingston sometime! :)

Laurie said...

I would love to visit Kingston, that would be awesome... thanks for coming with us =)

craftycoffee said...

Wooow!! I may be a bead HOARDER!! That was the BEST trip ever! Thanks again for driving!!