Monday, September 13, 2010

A day spent with the hubby!

I had to break out the boots yesterday! Yay! Means FALL is really here!
We had a rainy Sunday. Normally, we would stay home, have tea, I would read while the hubby dozed and "watched" the history channel. Maybe have a fire in the fireplace, nice "keep warm and dry" type things.

This rainy Sunday was different. We spent the day with the airplane.
It is a little on the cool side with the wet weather and being in the hanger so I brought Koko's travel bag with food, water, a towel and toys.
I brought a book and my second Starbuck's of the day! The hubby brought the chairs and a blanket in case I needed it. =)
He worked on cleaning the airplane, and waxing the airplane.
She played. She was recently groomed and they put bows in her hair, usually I tell them not to, but I forgot this time. Ooops!
He worked for about 5 hours with only a couple breaks for food and water.

I have a feeling we will be spending many rainy days here, but thats okay... I'd rather be with him than anywhere else! And luckily, he feels the same! =)
We had some visitors when we came home, so cute! We haven't seen as many of them this year, so I was happy to have them come for a visit. I think maybe Koko keeps them away more than I realized. She keeps a pretty good patrol on the yard! Haha!

Hope you stayed warm and dry this weekend!


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Anonymous said...

I love Koko's bows! I love days like that just "being" together is the best. No matter what you are doing! :) I love the plane! I surprised you haven't tied bows to the wings. :)