Friday, September 10, 2010

The hubby's airplane.

My hubby has been saving for an airplane for a very LONG time! I have been with him for 16 years and we have been many places to look at an airplane that he was interested in buying. We have gotten close MANY times. My hubby is a bit picky. He claims he is picky because he needs to make sure I am safe and happy with his purchase, but I think it was more it wasn't the right plane. Anyway, he finally found one and everything fell into place. He is now a proud owner of a 1995 Maule. Now you may think it is a huge expense, but it is about the same price as a new car. His truck is over 10 years old, so I think he deserves a new "car" don't you?! Here are a few more pictures...
He can't fly it yet, hopefully Sunday, but it didn't mean he couldn't move it on the ground!
Yes, that is him driving it on the ramp. The airport in Bellingham is closed until September 22, so it is on the ramp in Skagit for the next couple weeks. I am so happy for him!

We are going to the Greek festival this weekend, and hopefully I can pull him away from his plane long enough to go on the Farm tour too!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


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