Saturday, September 18, 2010

Christmas tags 2010

Only 97 days left till Christmas! Haha!

I have been working on Christmas tags for my families Christmas gift exchange on my mom's side. I got some great idea's from here. We have done ours several different ways through the years, but I liked this idea for this year, I think we may stick with it for a few years!  If you go to the link she makes tags, then they do a family draw and the name is already on the tag, then the family member can just add their own name to the tag and attach it to the gift! Since I am headed to see both my sister and brother and their families and I may even see Adam and Lacey I figured I may as well make up the tags and each person can pick a tag. This is just a few sneak peaks... don't want to ruin it for my family blog readers hehe! I'll post the finished ones when I get back from my trip. Yes, I worked on them yesterday in the hangar too! But my "table" was too small. See?

Next time I will take a larger table that I have.

Every September I begin thinking of Christmas. I do not like crowds, so my goal every year is to finish my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, then all I have to concentrate on is enjoying the Christmas season. I try to wrap the presents as I buy them. I usually come up with a color combination, then use that as the basis for my tags, cards, wrapping and decorating. I also like to try to do some homemade gifts, whether baking or crafting. This year I think it would be fun to include a winter dinner party, or a cookie exchange, or even a craft night with some of my favorite girls ;) we'll see if they are interested =D

My sweet hubby finished all his honey-do's and headed to the airport to play with his plane, I still have a little organizing left to do, but will need to concentrate on packing for 90 degree weather in San Antonio!
Are you thinking about Christmas too? I already have my list started for idea's for gift's for family and friends and would love to hear what you are planning! We do PJ's of course, so I will be on the lookout for those in the next couple weeks, and I have the kids send me a list of what they want, so they get some stuff they want and then I shop for stuff I think they need or would enjoy too! I have been bookmarking lot's of sites that have cute ideas for Christmas too! Don't worry, I know we have Halloween first, I won't skip decorating for that first! I have some idea's for Thanksgiving already too!

Have a great weekend!