Thursday, September 16, 2010

Some kitchen organization

Being sidetracked has continued, so I have not been in the family room painting as planned! Haha! I did get the first full coat of paint on the fireplace down there, but with no furniture, we moved the cable box upstairs, so now I can't even watch TV down there, so I don't really want to be there. Maybe when I return from my trip?
Anyway, I am continuing to organize my kitchen. Above is the silverware drawer... very little had to be done with this drawer, but the extra silverware that I don't use everyday was driving me crazy, so I tied it up with some pretty ribbon =) I am a happy girl!
Isn't it pretty? And it is all together, not a mixed up mess!
Here is the cooking utensil drawer, much better!

Yep, I even cleaned up this area! I would love to have the pull out drawers that Genna has in her house, but I don't so I went looking at Home Depot and found a wire basket for closets! Perfect!
Now I can just pull out the wire basket and get what I need!
I need to get another one or two, but these baskets are working for now, and I already had them ;)

So much better! But now I have a problem....
I need to find a place for all this! Hehe! I guess I will continue my organizing today too. I have noticed in blogland that organizing seems to be on lots of minds, there are lots of ideas out there for almost every problem area, so if you have an area you need idea's for I'll bet it is out there.

I noticed I am close to my 300th post... so I am thinking about a giveaway! Maybe a fall or Halloween banner and a couple other things I find? I'll keep you posted! This will be my first giveaway, how fun!

Do you enjoy being organized? Let me know what you've been organizing lately!

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