Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lazy Fall Sunday.

We are having a lazy Sunday. The weather outside is pouring rain and windy, one of my favorite kind of days. I am finished with Christmas Tags, packing my bags for my trip, cleaning the house, laundry, making sure my hubby has a freezer full of food and we are having left overs for dinner! =D
I put together a few little cards to tuck here and there for my hubby to find while I am away. The coffee canister, on his pillow, etc. then I will mail him a few too! I try to keep them simple... in case he wants to toss them, which he usually doesn't do! Aww so sweet, he has a drawer full of every card I've ever made or given him.
Packaged up a little giftie for my bestie too! I wrapped the gift in the blue tissue paper with some chocolate, tied the brown ribbon around it, attached a glittered tag, placed it in the animal print bag and clipped the card on with a glittered small clothes pin that I added a few felt leaves and a button!

I hope she likes it! I am so looking forward to lots of chit chat, coffee, chocolate, massages, shopping, reading by the pool and just hanging out with my very best friend for a few days!
I am also really looking forward to lots of chit chat, shopping and crafting with my sister, and hanging out with her family and my brother and his family for a few days, it should be a fabulous couple weeks =) If I can sneak Adam and Lacey in there too all the better! Just wish my hubby was going too =(

I'm not sure if I will have time to post in the next couple days, but I will post as soon as I can! Have a FABULOUS week!

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