Friday, September 17, 2010

Closet organization

I spent all day yesterday pulling everything out of three closets I have in my hallway. This fall cleaning/organizing is getting a little out of control! =) Oh well, it keeps me sane! hehe! I think?!
Anyway, I pulled everything out, so of course that meant the house was now a disaster! I had to come up with a plan to put it all back, but organized!

I put all like things together in piles on the floor, cleaning supplies, paper products, dishes, candles etc...

I made a pile of things to go to Goodwill, and the garage (all those canning jars!) and a garbage pile.
I sat down with my notebook, to sketch out my idea. If I don't do this, I get sidetracked! Plus I needed a list for my trip to Target.
This was my idea for the end of the hallway closet. So off to Target I went to get 6 plastic containers, and some of those space bags!

Ahhh, much better... but NOT cute. I would have liked to have gotten some cute baskets or colored tubs like I have been seeing in blogland, but my budget didn't allow it. These were $5.00 each, and the perfect size. Unfortunately, Target only had four, so I made that work, then headed down to the studio for some stuff to cutesy up my boring tubs.
Here they are all cutesy! Some 12x12 decorative paper, paper scraps, ribbon and a few buttons =)

Here is a close up. Easy peasy!

They have little tags with a general description of what's inside. When the hubby came home from work I showed him all my hard work and my cute bins, I don't think he got it... but I am happy!
Then we headed to the airport so he could do a little work on the plane.

Doesn't he look awful happy about a tire? I don't get it, but he's happy! *giggle* We spent a few hours with the plane then he took me to dinner!
It was delish!

It is Friday, yay! The hubby gets off at 10:30 today! I am hoping he will get some of my honey do's done today before we head down to work on the airplane. I am packing us a picnic dinner tonight, so it won't be 9:00 pm before we eat like last night.

Have a great Friday!

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