Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Home made Blackberry Pie

Sunday afternoon the hubby picked blackberries from our "private patch" behind our house. We made a deal that he would pick the berries IF I would make the pie, a REAL pie, no agave, no wheat flour just a good old fashioned pie! I said okay.
These berries were perfect for pie. Your could smell the sweet sugary goodness of blackberry as soon as he brought them in the house.
So I of course went to my old Better Homes and Gardens cookbook to make the crust.

And the pie filling. LOVE this pie recipe!
Gathered my ingredients together and began making my mess, oops I mean pie! LOL!
Mmmm, the filling.
The beginning of the crust. I thought I would share a couple secrets to a great crust! My hubby always insists I make the crust because according to him they are delish!
When you add the water, make sure it is ice water! VERY cold! Be sure to add one tablespoon at a time, some types of flour require more water than others.
When it begins to pull away from the sides it is ready, you want the crust to be flaky when it is baked not doughy by adding too much liquid.
Roll out half the dough (I made a two crust pie).
Fill the crust with your filling... YUM! Roll out the second crust and put it on top. Crimp the edges and make some slits in the top for the steam to get out. Now comes another secret...
I brush the top of my crust ALL OVER with whipping cream.
Then sprinkle it with sugar...
I bought a pie crust shield from Pampered Chef to cover the edges of my pie.
I also place my pie on a stone from Pampered Chef, it seems to help the crust bake evenly. It also keeps the drips from getting to the bottom of the oven.
While my pie is baking I have to deal with the left over mess! Ick, I hate making my own crust for this reason.
Look at the view! It is a gorgeous day! Love being able to see the water through the trees like that!

My pie is done just in time... it's time for dinner... I want to serve my pie still warm with vanilla ice
Since we are being bad for dessert, we are being good for dinner. Fresh salmon burgers, and salad! I was in such a hurry to get dinner over with so we could eat the pie I forgot to take a picture of the burgers all cooked! LOL! Trust me they were go-od! I used whole wheat buns.
Mmm, time for dessert! Soo good!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a great afternoon!

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