Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A little kitchen makeover! part one.

Quick post today, I'm keeping busy this week before I head out of town for another 10 day trip! This time I am headed on a girls trip with my BFF and spending some time with my sister and brother and their families. This will probably be my last trip this year!
Anyway, I am finally painting the kitchen and the family room! The kitchen is almost done... I hope to have it all decorated by the end of the day and post pics tomorrow morning.
The color is a Martha Stewart color called Lemongrass. It is a nice soft green, it compliments the living room color nicely.
The family room is the same color as the laundry room color. I am finally finishing the fireplace too! I am hoping to finish that up tomorrow for a post Thursday morning. Well, not completely finish, because if you remember I gave the furniture from that room to Genna and Justin, so a shopping trip is in order! Haha! Actually, I have everything all picked out, just waiting for a couple more things then we will take the trailer to IKEA with my list.
Have a great Tuesday!

PS my signature is back yay! Not sure why it wasn't working but it's back that's all I care about! Ha!

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Anonymous said...

I love this color! It's so bright!! Don't you just LOVE masking and getting ready for it all? haha!