Sunday, August 1, 2010

On MY Mind 8/1/2010

I love my hubby and adore spending time with him =)

Today I am trying out a new blog post entitled On MY mind... (I also considered naming it Todays Thoughts) I just want to say here that these are my thoughts and my thoughts only. I will probably post these every once in a while with some sort of picture that will be non-related. You can choose to read them or not, it doesn't really matter to me. I also considered beginning a new blog for these posts and may end up doing that, we will see! LOL!

My mom asked me when she was here visiting a couple weeks ago if I kept a journal. I told her ya, my blog... ha!

It will be in a list format I think, because I am a list maker...

So here we go... in no particular order by the way! LOL!

On MY mind this week:
1. Family-love them ALL and feel that life is too short to not appreciate every day you have with each and every one of them. You may not agree with everything they do, or say or the way they think, but you should at least be able to find some good quality in each and every one of them, they are family.
2. Friends-love them ALL too. I have a friend that shot himself last week. It has been a very emotional week for me. I had not been in contact with him for a few years, and I feel bad about that. Could I have helped him in some way? How could he have done this? He has a 6 year old son... makes me so sad to think about. On another note so glad for the friends I was able to spend time with last week. I was able to go to a potluck on Monday, have lunch in Oak Harbor on Thursday, and make jam Saturday with some of my favorite people.
3. Writing- when the hubby and I were at the airport in Boston a few years ago we came up with a story for a children's book series. It would be fun to write!
4. Business- Massage Envy, My Favorite Things? Interior Design, Bed and Breakfast, Professional Organizer or Party Planning? I just don't know!
5. Home- Add on? Sell, buy something else? New floor coverings! New kitchen counter tops! New guest bath! Exterior Paint. Almost done with all the design decisions. Finish interior painting. Garage almost cleaned out and organized.
6. Crafting-cards, cards, cards, gifts, Christmas! I always have the best intentions when it comes to sending a card to people I am thinking about, but it seems like I just can't stockpile the cards fast enough, and when you have a whole craft studio it makes it hard to buy a card to send from the store. I do try to make a list of the cards I need for the next month for Birthdays and make those my priority.
7. Travel- BFF (Kari) and I are headed on a (hopefully will turn into an annual) girls trip in September. So excited for this. Just finished the book Eat, Pray Love enjoyed the book, makes me want to go back to Italy. I have a friend who had invited me to go with her to India where her husbands family is from. She is going in December, I would love to take her up on the offer! After I finished the book I was on a mission to learn everything I could about Bali! May decide to plan a trip there someday, when the dust settles from the book and movie! LOL! Planning a trip for the hubby and I in October to Aruba. Greek Isles will be our destination in 2013, our 10 year wedding anniversary to renew our vows!
8. Books- since I just mentioned the book I just finished up above I will mention another book I finished in July Breakfast at Sally's it was an amazing book! I highly recommend it!!!
9. Diet and exercise- ugh! I need to make it a priority to take a walk everyday, Koko loves it, I love it when I am there. The lake is beautiful, so is Taylor Dock. Not fun to walk alone though. Although I did very poorly the last couple months not eating sugar and white flour, I have done great this week and will continue, wish it was as easy to exercise as it is to give up sugar and white flour! LOL!
10. Gardening- bought some pots and some plants to put on each side of the garage, will plant them when I pick up some soil. Still looking for an arbor for the clematis to climb. Three beds weeded, still working on the biggest bed in the back yard. I am teaching Koko to not chase the bunnies, it's a slow process!

Okay, that's it for this go around, although I could go on for much longer! LOL! My mind is very full these days! How about yours? Does you mind jump here and there too?

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