Sunday, August 8, 2010

Continuing organization part one craft studio

Craft studio organization is continuing here. I am hoping to finish this project before I head to Reno and California for a couple weeks.
I had closet organization on my this morning! We have had a couple of rainy/foggy days the last couple days so it was the perfect time to have the hubby help me build some shelves for the craft studio closet. This is my rough drawing of what I had in mind. Hehe! Yes, I am a total list maker! We took my list and headed to Lowe's first thing this morning!
I had emptied the closet last weekend, so it was ready for the hubby to add some shelves!
I tried to get my hunky hubby to let me use his tools, but no way! He told me I don't let him use my tools so I can't use his! Haha!
I had to take a picture of his screws nicely labeled! He thinks I am crazy for needing to organize so much, yet he has his screws labeled! Haha!
Yay! Shelves! You will have to wait a couple days for the final reveal of the closet... it's almost done! Just need a couple more containers.
But I moved onto this cabinet...
This is what I had in mind for this cabinet... all my sewing stuff and fabric etc.
So much better! Now I know that anything having to do with sewing is in this cabinet! I'll be back tomorrow with more!

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