Thursday, August 19, 2010

Leaking pipe, digging a hole...

Sorry, didn't mean to disappear got busy. My sister and I are now in Nevada City. We are visiting my dad and nieces and nephews and helping my step mom finish packing up the rest of my grandma's house so they can get it put on the market.

Anyway, about 30 minutes after Genna and Justin got home from work (Monday) after I made it to Reno in my broken rental truck, Justin noticed a pipe near the front of the house was leaking. So after we unloaded the truck Justin started digging. Remember, they have only been in this house not even 2 weeks!)
Justin dug a 4 foot deep hole between the house and the sidewalk. Genna had to go down into the hole to take a closer look at the water squirting out of the pipe. Justin wouldn't fit!!!
Let me just say, Genna was NOT happy!
Haha! I had to grab my camera and take pictures of her in the hole! Justin accidentally broke a nozzle when he was trying to turn the water off... oops! Genna wasn't happy about that either!
When she came out of the hole she was filthy, and had a scrapped her belly. Justin made several trips to the hardware store, but as the night went on he began feeling not so good. Finally at about 9:00 pm it was dark, we had pulled him out of the hole a few times and the leak we hoped, was temporarily fixed for the night. So he turned the water back on so he and Genna could take showers. The water began leaking again... so the water was turned off again. It was decided a plumber would be called first thing in the morning. Poor Justin got sicker and sicker as the night went on and about 1:30 am Genna was outside turning the water back on because poor Justin has the FLU. She went out and turned the water on and off several times through the night.
The plumber came the next morning and fixed them all up. Poor Justin still has the flu today (thursday)
I will post pictures of Genna's house next!


craftycoffee said...

Poor Koko was worried!!

Darryl Iorio said...

Wow, Justin and Genna are pretty proactive people, seeing as how they were going all out in fixing the pipe down there by themselves. I hope they were able to fix up that leak well enough that they didn’t have to call for professional help after. But for a problem as complicated as that, a temporary solution might not be enough. If they can’t figure out a way to fix that, they should definitely hire a professional

Darryl Iorio

Kurt Verdejo said...

You gotta admire Justin and Genna's effort to get that pipe fixed! They tried to do everything they could, but it seemed like it was just not enough. Too bad Justin went on to have flu, though. So how’s the pipe today? I hope it hasn’t acted up since then. It would be pretty iffy if they both had to do that all over again. :)

Kurt Verdejo

Javier Hallum said...

You really have to admire these two, especially Genna. Looking at the pictures, they really exerted a lot of effort in fixing the pipe. Well, if you can’t do what Justin and Genna did, it’d be better if you called over a plumber to do the job. No pain, no hassle, as he will be doing 100% of the work.

Javier Hallum