Saturday, August 14, 2010

The truck is loaded and my bag is almost packed!

Today the hubby and I finished one of the projects on my list for the back yard. He mixed up some concrete and I set seashells and beach glass into it. I was inspired by one of the Relay for Life garden tour homes last year.
It turned out fabulous! I will take a better picture when it dries!
We picked up the truck rental this morning, a 10 footer!
We loaded it in a couple hours! Woohoo! All this is going to Genna's new house! Most of it is hers anyway! Hehe!
My bag is almost packed! We will be gone for over 2 weeks! While I am there I will get the chance to see my dad, stepmom, nieces and nephews, my sister and my son! I will post some pics of her new house when I get there. It is a LONG drive... but so worth it!

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