Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ribbon, ribbon and more ribbon!

Well the craft studio still is not finished! I get distracted so easily! Does that happen to you? Anyway, today I decided to work on my ribbon organization. As you can see above the ribbon was getting a little out of control on my craft cabinet.
Okay here too...
Uhmm, ya this too...
Oh, and this one... I might have a little obsession with ribbon to go along with my button problem?!? ;)
So after taking a look at the amount of ribbon I have, I decided a trip to the Dollar Tree was in order. Ya, like I need more craft stuff! Ha! But off I went anyway! Please tell me I am not the only one that can spend $50.00 at the dollar store! Ugh! I know! It's back to school time, and they had some fall decor to make more M&M goodies bags to sell for Relay for Life like the ones we made for Valentines Day, Easter, Spring etc.Oh and one last container full of ribbon, my precious wrinkle ribbon!
We of course had to play too...
I bought 14 of these containers at the Dollar Tree and labeled them with each color. Then started dividing them into the containers.
Now, I love the idea of wrapping the ribbon around the old fashioned clothes pins, but they have become so popular that I have not had any luck finding them at Dollar Tree the last year or so. So I decided to just leave them on the roll for now if they had a roll, otherwise they are just kinda wrapped nicely.
This is what Koko was busy doing while I was sorting ribbon! Silly dog, she is like having a toddler.
I also divided them into my jars, I put 2 colors in each jar. My wrinkle ribbon has it's own jar though =)
This is why Koko was being so quiet the last little while! Hehe! She was chewing up a clothes pin I left on the floor. See? A toddler I tell ya!
Of course then I got distracted again and decided to make tags for my jars...
I used burlap scraps, lime green card stock scraps and brown buttons with twine.
After I got all the ribbon sorted, I decided to also put my extra packages of buttons with the ribbon.
Then... I got distracted AGAIN! LOL! I decided to add a colored button on the front of each container that coordinated with the color of ribbon in the container.
It did turn out very cute though! I LOVE it. This way of organizing seems to work for me... by color. It is the way I have my paper and scraps organized also.

Hope you had a colorful day too!

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craftycoffee said...

Looks nice! Can you come do mine now? :-)