Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Perfect weather for... yard work!

I mentioned that the hubby and I began organizing and cleaning out the closet last week! It felt so good to get rid of so much stuff. I should have taken a before picture... well picture a garage filled to almost the ceiling on both sides with only enough room for his truck to park! LOL! This is all that is left. My goal for the week is to finish my portion, then he can finish his portion.
Okay, well my family room does look like this....
and this... so you would think this is where I have been spending my time this week!
Nope, haven't been in here either... I am waiting for my hunky hubby to build me some shelves in the closet so I can get better organized in here too. Currently the closet is empty, waiting for the motivation to hit the hubby.
This is the pile I have left in the garage to go through. Eight boxes... woohoo!
This is the hubby's pile.
This is the pile that is being recycled and needs to go to the Salvation Army. (we had been hanging onto the boxes we used to move here incase we moved, I finally told the hubby enough, they gotta go! LOL!)
THIS is the pile that is headed to Genna's new house! Hehe! Along with a full size bed, the futon and a coffee table from inside the house!
So what have I been doing since I haven't been in the family room or the stamp studio?
The weather has been perfect for yard work! Not too hot, not too cold... I have finished this area.
and this area. My mothers day present was supposed to be an arbor here, but I haven't found the perfect one yet.
I dug out this area to pour some cement and place seashells, sea glass, and marbles...
I threw this toy ALL day...
I planted some pots for each side of the garage, I need to run to JoAnns and get some house numbers to paint and put above the garage.
I had cleaned this bed up when my mom was here, so now I am experimenting with plants to put here.
I added some whimsy... the dog was on clearance for $10.00.
I {heart} these flowers, I hope I get enough sun to keep them alive, I hear the humming birds like them too!
This is the next bed I am working on...
It is the bed you see from the firepit area, which I am hoping to put some kind of tall fence behind to block some of the street noise, and a fountain...
Can't wait to get that arbor put up over this walkway so the clematis can climb over the top of it! =0)
I went here for dinner... YUMMY! I brought home my leftovers, and the hubby actually loved them, so I guess I will take him next time!
I want to take him here too!

So that has been what my days have been like... what have you been up too?

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