Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More craft studio closet...

Here are the latest peeks at the craft studio closet organization. It is a slow process! Haha! I have so much *insert word of choice here*! I like "prized possessions"???
Anyway, I am a out of site out of mind kinda crafter, so if I see something that I want to make I immediately go to the store looking for the items to make the wonderful new project. Not realizing that I probably already have everything to make said craft! So I am working on getting all my prized craft items out in the open, or at least all grouped in one place so that I know where to go first! Above are most of my containers to alter, jars, tins etc. along with my Cuttlebug and the plates and dies that go with it,

My beading supplies are also in the closet...

This box has picture frames and smaller size canvases! It's coming along, it's nice to be organizing so many areas of my house. I have had my crafting stuff scattered for too long! Ha!

Come back tomorrow and hopefully I will have my craft studio done! Hehe!

Hope you had a fabulously fun day!

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