Saturday, August 21, 2010

More Justin and Genna's house! The inside...

Sorry, I am having difficulty getting Internet access here at Justin and Genna's and when I do have access it is very slow!
Here we go this is the kitchen and a glimpse into the laundry room.
Her new refrigerator and the pantry with slide out shelves, soo cool!
Standing in the kitchen looking into the dining room. Sliding glass door is on the right.
The man room! Haha! Becky is here with me so she is sleeping on the futon.
The guest room.
The guest bathroom.
Standing in the hallway where the man room, guest bedroom and bathroom are looking toward the master bedroom, kitchen and living room.
Standing at the front door, the master is on the right.
Looking toward the dining room from the front door.
The living room with Genna and Becky chatting on the couch! Haha!
Becky and Genna in the living room.
The detailing on the living room ceiling, makes the room light and bright!
Our yummy dinner with Becky, steak topped with Gorgonzola cheese, shrimp cocktails, salad and broccoli. Poor Justin has salmonella so he is in bed very sick =(

So this is what the house looked like when I arrived last week. I am now painting the living room two walls done next will be the dining room and then the kitchen! So much fun!

Had a great weekend with Adam and Lacy too! I will be back with more soon! (If the internet cooperates! Hehe!)

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