Friday, August 13, 2010

Afternoon drive and dinner on the beach =)

The hubby gets off early on Fridays and since his last student just got her license Tuesday he is fresh outta students, so he spent the day with me! I had a list! Haha! But a good list! We headed south toward the Skagit River! I treated him so I drove, so their are very few pictures.
We did stop for organic ice cream, not sugar free however =/
They have such pretty grounds. Unfortunately they don't allow dogs and it was 90 degrees so we didn't stay since Miss Koko was with us. We were not successful in finding what we were looking for but it was a beautiful drive.
Then we came home to Bellingham, stopped at the grocery store for deli food and hit the beach!
We were going to try and stay till the sunset, but it was one of those moments where you were trying let the stresses of the day melt away, but the texting and phone calls wouldn't stop. The dogs were off their leashes, their owners yelling at them to get off our blanket, shaking their wet bodies on us as we tried to eat our picnic dinner! Finally we just had to say, enough is enough!
So we finished our dinner as fast as we could and came home and sat in the back yard throwing the ball for Koko... but the texting and phone calls continued.
Sometimes being a parent is hard...

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