Monday, August 16, 2010

On the road to Reno

Here is a quick picture of the dried seashell project in the back yard! I LOVE it!
It looks so awesome in real life! Definitely try this if you have a spot you need to put concrete, I am thinking I may do some stepping stones this way too!
This is my guest bedroom... my family room looks about the same! I loaded all the furniture into the U-haul to bring to Genna!
Said goodbye to my sweet hubby...
and hit the road!
Had my ice chest, with my lunch packed into it, my overnight bag and Koko!
We had 15 hours ahead of us! Ugh!
We got about an hour into our drive and I heard clunk clunk. I pulled over and realized the running light(?) was hanging down by the wiring. When we picked up the truck we noticed that it had 2 pieces of tape attached to it. I guess that should have been a clue! LOL! I put it back in and drove down the road... next thing I know I am playing charades with the car in front of me to tell me it is dangling again! I pull over again and fix it! Fifteen minutes later I hear clunk clunk again. I happen to notice a Home Depot at the next exit so I pulled off, of course it is in the 90's and it is only Koko and I so I find a parking place under a tree, run inside ask the first person I see where to find Duct tape, do self pay, and run back to the truck. I duct tape the HECK out of that light! Okay, now we're talkin'. I start driving down the road thinking problem is fixed. Duct tape fixes everything right?! Uh no, half an hour later I am playing charades again! I pull off at the next exit to duct tape it more... but I happen to pull off at an exit that is only for military personnel. OOPS! By this time I am in tears, the poor guard is looking at the light looking at me, I am trying to explain with big tears rolling down my cheeks, he helps me duct tape the HECK out of it... and I continue down the road.
It is a gorgeous day!
I decide I am going to stop in Eugene for the night, since I had such a rough start to the trip. That way I can relax a bit and post on the blogarooni. Well, got to Eugene and decided it was too early to stop, so I continued onto Klamath Falls, which was actually a little too far. I am not a good night driver and top it off with semi trucks and huge RV's and being on the road for 11 1/2 hours! So no blog post last night... got in at 11:00 and was exhausted!

I knew I was in Nevada when the GPS showed me I was driving next to a lake...
Umm, do you see a lake??? Nope me neither!

Still a lake???
Nope still don't see any water! LOL! Only in Nevada!
Everytime I stopped for fuel I had to duct tape the silly light! But we made it! Whew!
Welcome to Genna and Justin's house. Boy have I got a post for you tomorrow night! Hehe!

Have a good one!

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craftycoffee said...

I love the shells and beach glass idea! Sad about that STUPID light coming off! :( I would have started crying at Home Depot! :~)