Sunday, July 19, 2009

Local Garden Tour

The hubby and I took a tour today of 6 Bellingham gardens in the York neighborhood to support Relay for Life. What inspiration! I will probably have to do a separate post for each house! LOL! One garden in particular was magical. sigh... I will save that post for last! It'll keep you coming back! wink! 

 This gardener used a ton of beer bottles! Great recycling tip! In fact, beer bottles or wine bottles were used in several of the gardens. When asked though, we were told she did not drink all the beer herself, she dug most of them from the neighboring college students houses in the ally! I love the wave looking bottles with the succulents, and bark. This side of the house was pretty warm, so it makes sense.
Here she used large river rock to outline some plants in the same wave like pattern. She also painted a few of the rocks. Most of the houses on the tour belonged to artists which was a fun addition. I was able to take a peek in a few of them. :)

I love the use of the old door. Again, this idea was used in several gardens.
Here is a close up of the old door. Hubby, said we couldn't stop at Restore on the way home, unfortunately. Guess it will wait for another day!
Again more beer bottles lining the walkway. Mirrors were used in several of the gardens as well.
I really wanted to stop here for lunch. We did not even know it was there until today. The tour was a walking tour, so we got inspiration and exercise, but hubby has a photo flight this afternoon over the islands, so we didn't have time. Hopefully we will stop another day. 

Come back a little later for the next house on the tour!

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